That’s it, #Hawkguys – we’re done! Thank you for your support, enthusiasm and tolerance. You helped raise somewhere in the neighborhood of $1200 for disaster relief which, with the $700+ in the tip jar from last night’s event puts us around, what? AT LEAST $1900 over and above the initial commitment.  

Plus the $100 that Brian M Bendis is going to pony up to keep me from posting the few straggler boats that are still coming in–that’s two grand! 

You are things of beauty. 

I’m now going to return to my children who destroying things while I fuss with tumblr. 


You guys are amazing.

I am an old lady with wee kids so I was in bed before the midnight donation, but I was more than happy this morning to cough up the promised $100 for Team Hawkguy when I got up, and then added some more because I am lucky enough I could, for my dad and my oldest.

The 7-year old thinks that Clint Barton is magic (you’ll forgive him if he hasn’t learned to appreciate Kate yet, he’s in that stage where girls get a side-eye, and not the good kind) and I think the last 24 hours kind of proved that.

My dad subcontracts doing disaster inspections for FEMA,  You get paid for each one you file, the obvious incentive being that the more quickly you move the more you bring home.  I’ve never been convinced he actually makes any money doing this.  He’s big on being thorough, but he’s also the kind of guy who spends all day carting someone around to help them navigate often intimidating government services because he can see how bad off they are and he can’t not help.  

He called me once or twice a day while he was out there, telling me stories about cops and firefighters and families with kids who he was meeting with, but mostly he would talk about just how bad it was out there.  He was in Texas and Louisiana after Gustav and Ike and what he would tell me, over the phone from New York, was that he thought that had been pretty awful but that what he was encountering post-Sandy was a different kind of worse.  What baffled him the most was how the media seemed over it so soon, how so many people had no idea of how great the devastation was.

So I was super excited when Fraction posted about Hawkeye 7, and when Kelly Sue led the charge over the last day or so to make sure as many people had the chance to be a part of this little piece of making the space we all share a little bit stronger.  You’re still in our hearts, folks out east.

So thanks, Team Hawkguy.  Y'all are pretty awesome.  Cheers.