hey everyone!!!

i’m not putting this under a cut because I don’t want people to think it’s some personal secret post, so bear with me!

so I know you’ve probably all been bombarded on facebook and instagram with that #100happydays project! after some thinking and some discussion with some friends, I’ve decided that I’m going to start the challenge as well, to add a new source of positivity to my life.

that being said!!! i believe that everyone deserves a source of positivity in their life and I want to do my best to be that source. even if i’m just one tiny ray of sunlight on a rainy day, I’ve accomplished my goal. so i’m going to start something new, and undertake a ~100 beautiful people~ challenge.

each evening, i’ll post my #100happydays photo on facebook, instagram, and tumblr, AND i’ll make a post on facebook with a little drabble thing about one person who I believe is absolutely beautiful & deserves some positivity in their life. i’d love for you guys & girls to be able to get in on the fun as well! my only stipulation is that you have to be my friend on facebook, but you can add me RIGHT HERE, just message me your url once I’ve accepted your request so I know who you are! shoot me a message here or on facebook if you’d like to be one of my beautiful people of the day!

like i said, i’ll be sharing my photos on tumblr as well as insta & facebook AND if the beautiful person of the day has tumblr, i’ll be sharing their happy blurb here as well as on facebook, tagging them in both posts. to keep up with my happiness and my positivity, you can add me on facebook with that link up there^^, keep following me here, and follow me on instagram if you’ve got it, @carmenstiller is my username!

lastly, feel free to reblog this if you want to join in my 100 beautiful people challenge or encourage others to do the same! when everyone loves everyone the world just seems a little brighter.

much love!