• For Agent 13
  • The Besnard Lakes
  • Are The Dark Horse

The Besnard Lakes. “For Agent 13” Are The Dark Horse. Jagjaguar, 2007.

Christmas tree accomplished. When you only have one string of lights, it involves some serious place strategizing (for both lights and tree itself). Looks super dope, if somewhat generic. I don’t know why anyone would pay more than 15$ (on sale) for a fake tree. It’s 4.5’’ tall, and I posed the shit out of those branches. Seriously, they curve up at the end and everything. Buy me a camera for Christmas and you can see the tree.

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King Night
  • King Night
  • Salem
  • King Night

SALEM. “King Night.” King Night. IAMSOUND, 2010.

This is my favorite version of “O Holy Night” ever, and my favorite Xmas song right now. The album is fine.

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P.S. Some of you are wondering, what happened to the post about Hank III’s fifth album in the last two years, Attention Deficit Domination? If you’ve heard black metal before, you will have heard everything on that album before, and better. If you haven’t listened to black metal before, don’t start there, or end up there, or go there along the way.

  • Odd Soul
  • MuteMath
  • Odd Soul

Mutemath. “Odd Soul.” Odd Soul. Warner Bros, 2011.

This day in coffee (actually yesterday now): I bought a very delicious Americano (short) at the Market - more or less following @hemminmich’s directions. I promptly left it on a counter while ordering danishes and remembered it halfway home. Sadness. Made President’s Choice brewed coffee at home. Way too strong, but actually semi tasty, which is not faint praise for President’s Choice, but semi-amazement that I made drinkable coffee. It shouldn’t be difficult. It’s just usually impossible.

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  • Setting Fire To Your House
  • Blank Dogs
  • Under And Under

Blank Dogs. “Setting Fire To Your House.” Under and Under. In The Red, 2009.

I like this. Wish I loved it, as it’s Mike Sniper, formerly of the DC Snipers, whose Missile Sunset is an all-time favourite album. Is that a sentence? Anyway.

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External image

Summer Bummer
  • Summer Bummer
  • the band in Heaven
  • the band in Heaven / Weird Wives split tape

the Band in Heaven. “Summer Bummer.” the Band in Heaven / Weird Wives (split tape). Worker Bee, 2010.

Turns out the clean pants situation is grim. I’m going to a party to find out how many shrimp I can fit in my face. I’ll report back. Hold your breath. This song is nice.

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  • I Wear Black
  • Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin
  • Reverse Shark Attack

Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin. “I Wear Black.” Reverse Shark Attack. Kill Shaman, 2009.

I did something to my back whilst sitting. Something bad and painful. Anyway, I am calling this guitar sound the “squall of sound.” A lot of people thought of this clever reference before me, but I don’t know any of them.

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One man band. Wearing Black.

  • Minuet For A Cheap Piano Number Two
  • A Winged Victory For The Sullen
  • A Winged Victory For The Sullen

A Winged Victory For the Sullen. “Minuet For A Cheap Piano Number Two.” A Winged Victory For the Sullen. Kranky / Erased Tapes, 2011.

I have a large backlog of albums I haven’t listened to yet.

Thus: 100 Albums in 100 days.

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External image
A Winged Victory For The Sullen with Sinfonietta Cracovia at Tempel Synagogue, October 2011.