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I want to send my love to every single person who has given BAP a chance and let them into their hearts. I know that the massive support BAP once had has dwindled after the court case with their CEO and forced year-long hiatus, and that makes me sad - but I see their smiling faces on variety shows, and I see how hard they’re working despite of it all, and I just know that they’ll make it through whatever. I love BAP so much and have so since I was 14. They taught me to persevere through anything and to Never Give Up (haha). 

It makes me almost deliriously happy to see them happy and to see good fortune upon them. They have a show in New York City coming up and I’m miserable because I can’t afford a ticket nor do I have anyone to go with…

Anyways, I just really love BAP… Their smiles mean way too much, it’s to the point of ridiculousness. 

Please continue to love BAP!!

Has anyone else wondered that Papyrus’s shoulders are round because he probably wears those MTT basketball things underneath?

This keeps me up at night.



Special clothes underneath his REGULAR clothes???


when you think of the millions of girls being raised in religions that teach them that women are justly & naturally subordinate to men, that men are entitled to sexual & reproductive use of women’s bodies, that women’s social position is a pedestal of reverence & not a cage of objectification, that women are entitled to neither autonomy nor self-knowledge  —  all this taught to them from birth by the people they love, trust, & respect most, backed by divine authority …  bad

did a sketch of him with his greasy lookin black hair


Just found this interesting and perhaps relevant… ;)