Peeping Tom

Characters: Zelo/Crush (you?)

Rating: 16+

Length: Short

Author: Bubble Rum Admin

Long Story Short: Make sure your curtains are closed before you undress if you’re neighbors with Zelo. Unless of course, you want him to see you ;)


Zelo stretches out his arms as he proofreads his history report on his laptop.

Finally done! He breathes a sigh of relief and presses the SEND button. Zelo leans back in his office chair and notices movement out of the corner of his eye.


He looked at the time on his computer. 5:15. Crush just got home from softball practice. Just like she always does. But this time, it’s different. She left her curtains open. Zelo watched her as she moved around in her room for a few minutes.

She was so beautiful. Her skin was radiant in her softball uniform and it complimented her shape. Her long ponytail whipping around as she moved was enticing.

Then, Crush stands directly in front of the window, her backed turned, and starts to undress. She lifts up her arms with her shirt revealing her back and her bra straps. Zelo’s eyes widen and he quickly stands up to get out of eyesight. Zelo’s face blushes a deep red and his breathing gets heavier. 

Don’t look at her. It’s not right.

Zelo peeps around his window. Crush is in the process of pulling down her shorts. Zelo sees a face of a monkey on the back of her panties, winking right at him.

Ok. That’s enough. You’ve seen enough.

Zelo peeps around the window, once again. He can see Crush’s side view now. Crush unhooks her bra and throws it somewhere on the floor. Zelo lets out a small gasp as he sees her breast. They’re bigger than what he thought. They were perfect. Zelo reaches into his pants, tending to his growing boner.

Zelo wipes the drool from his mouth.

Crush pulls down her winking monkey panties. Zelo giggles as he gazes at her butt. What a cute little butt. Crush walks out of view as she goes into her bathroom, for a shower.

Zelo sits down on his office chair, replaying what just occurred in front of him. Crush. Naked. She’s hotter than he imagined. He couldn’t wait to see her come out of the shower. Wet.

He paces his room impatiently as he waited. He played several games on his phone. He listened to his iPod.

What was taking her so long? Girls must take longer shower than guys. It’s already been 30 minutes.

Zelo is playing Fun Run on his phone when he notices a light coming from Crush’s window. He tosses the phone onto his bed and positions himself next to his window. He peaks around the corner. Crush is walking around her room in a towel. She goes to her window. Zelo pulls back, afraid that he’s been caught. He looks again after a few seconds. She’s gone.

His phone starts to beep, signaling an incoming message. He looked at the name. Unknown. The text message read: Enjoyed the show, naughty boy?

Zelo drops his phone onto the floor, shocked. Did Crush just text him? Had she known that he’d been watching the entire time? How did she get his number?

Zelo looks out the window and sees Crush looking right back at him. There’s a smirk on her face as she slowly closes her curtains.


B.A.P as your Best Friend
  • Yongguk: He's super down to earth and super intentional with your friendship. He's a great listener and he gives the best advice! He is also a very honest friend (even if it's not what you wanna hear) so he will always talk you through your problems and help guide you to solutions to ease the hard times.
  • Himchan: He loves going out and socializing so you guys probably hang out pretty often during the week! He is also a very generous friend so if you're short on cash, he'll spot you, no sweat! He won't expect anything in return cause you're his friend and he cares about you having a good time too.
  • Daehyun: He is extremely loyal. Your car broke down? He'll come help (or try to at least). You're hungry? He'll bring food. He's super caring and even through your bad decisions, he won't leave you high and dry. He'll always try to help. He's also the type to say "text me when you get home".
  • Youngjae: He's always down for you. Starbucks run? Down. Go get some drinks on a late Tuesday night? Down. Last minute music festival? Down. He loves being spontaneous and what better way than to be spontaneous but with his best friend? It's all about having good company and an amazing experience.
  • Jongup: He is super cool and he's so chill. He might be too chill sometimes, but he is a friend constantly reminding you to relax and take it easy during life's stresses. He doesn't judge you on your mistakes or your past so it's comforting to have him as a friend; you can be 100% yourself around him.
  • Zelo: He's super adventurous so he'll always want to be out and about doing new things. He'll always encourage you to be a risk taker and do things out of your comfort zone which can be extremely helpful to you sometimes! He enjoys having new experiences with his best friend; They're great memories!

“I’m scared of amusement park rides. We went on rides at a reality program and I nearly died” (Daehyun)
Source: Ask In a Box: B.A.P Stop It (video cr: LOEN Enter.)

“I can’t sleep with the light off, it’s scary” (Himchan)
Source: Ask In a Box: B.A.P Stop It (video cr: LOEN Enter.)

“I’m scared of people. I could get betrayed by some people” (Zelo)
Source: Ask In a Box: B.A.P Stop It (video cr: LOEN Enter.)

“I have a fear. It’s the fear of really high places” (Daehyun)
Source: Dee Kosh Interviews B.A.P (video cr:987fmOnlyTheHits)

“I have trypophobia, the fear of small holes all clustered up together. I’m also afraid of the dark” (Himchan)
Source: Dee Kosh Interviews B.A.P (video cr:987fmOnlyTheHits)

“The members are afraid of moths so I’ll become a moth. I’ll go inside the members’ clothes. Go around. And in their clothes, sprinkle powder. And then! When they are sleeping, I’ll go inside their mouths. And then! I’ll go in the water filter that the members use!” (Daehyun)
Source: M-ON! Korea On! Fighting! Interview 131003 (subbed video cr: bapyessir.com)