Instead of warring about who Sam is in love with, it’s honestly sooooo much easier to just say everyone is in love with him.

Steve? The first to fall (bitch ate dirt).
Natasha? Picked up a fossil AND a new bf.
Bucky? Couldn’t keep his hands off of him (bitxh be GENTLE).
T'Challa? Cat that caught them FEELINGS.
Everyone else? Enamored, floored, gasping for air.

“Two Weeks”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: A narrative that explores how Steve copes after your tragic death.

notes: implied character death (reader), a failed attempt at writing sad things

A/N: thank you to @buckyywiththegoodhair​ for beta-reading this mess. i adore you, and god rest this old bitch’s soul.

One week has passed since you left for New York for a month-long guest curatorship in Germany. Before leaving, you kissed Steve goodbye and promised to return in one piece.

One week has passed since HYDRA agents infiltrated the museum. They put the entire museum on lockdown, claiming it had World War II documents that were essential to the HYDRA agenda. Even the Avengers wouldn’t stop their mission to obtain these documents, they declared.

One week has passed since a certain HYDRA agent recognized your face from a tabloid, the headline screaming “Captain America Finally Finds Love!” He also deduced your title as one of the United States’ leading experts on Nazi Germany. It was the perfect coincidence.

One week has passed since HYDRA attempted to use you as a bargaining tool. “Give up the documents, and we’ll let you go back to your precious boyfriend,” they said. Much to their surprise, behind your simple dress and ballet flats was a woman not afraid to kick men in the balls, both figuratively and literally. You proceeded to do the latter.

One week has passed since the Avengers compromised the guards and rescued most of the hostages at the museum. Only one remained, but when it became clear that they’re wouldn’t gain access to any of the documents, HYDRA decided to inflict pain in the best way they knew how - by taking away the remaining innocent life.

One week has passed since your tragic death.
One week has passed since Steve Rogers buried the love of his life.

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I don’t even what i want to draw tonight.

1. I’m not very good at drawing wings but I like doing it.

2. This is the first time I’ve actual coloured Reigen with the proper colours ha! This is a scene from Tomorrow Isn’t Always Another Day by @suitablyskippy

3 & 4. Just outfits. I actually saw Shou’s on a guy on the train and had to draw it.

abuse manifests itself in so many different ways im always so…baffled when abuse victims say x abusive behavior isnt ACTUALLY abusive bc it wasnt the abuse they faced. like we as abuse victims should know better than anyone else that abuse encompasses different behaviors depending on the type of relationship n whatnot and saying “this abuse isnt abuse bc its not my abuse” is so mf stupid