minho: [wakes up at 4:27 am] 

minho: key has to wake up in exactly an hour nd 37 minutes to go for a GQ photoshoot. jonghyun got home 2 hours ago nd will wake up in 2 hours to film that interview. taemin took the airplane to japan an hour ago, he will arrive in approximately 54 minutes. jinki has no schedule today, he can sleep and get rest luckily. i wonder if taemin has already eaten smthing. what if he’s cold on the plane nd gets sick? kibum looked v tired yesterday. what if he isn’t doing well? i have to cheer him up later today. jjong got to spend time w his family!!! that’s great!! hm i should go nd support onew on his next solo activity. i hope he has fun today!! but what abt-


Previews of some of the drawings I’ve made for @tsukkiyamazine! First one is for a (stomach-churning, saccharine sweet, secondhand-embarrassment-filled fluff) fic by @crazygaze, and the second is for another fic (which i can simply describe as an emotional rollercoaster ride) that’s written by Alexis! 💗

Zine preorders are opening on December 16th! ✨

Fun Reminders:

Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship is the showrunner’s favorite relationship.

Bellamy and Clarke were fated to save the future of the entire human race. That’s some epic shit right there, my beautiful twin flamey otp. 

We get an entire season of Bellamy and Clarke growing closer, and they are each staying single for the duration of this next season. Think about that, Bellarkers. No more love interests, just a Bellamy and Clarke friendship-to-romance story. 

*Stupid Happy Face*