For a little change of pace...

And by “change of pace” I mean “starting my blog up again." 

My blog and my Netflix queue needed a bit more focus. So I went and found the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list. I’m going to attempt to conquer it. It’ll be a long journey, but I figure it’ll be easier to stay on task if I take you folks along.

So on the days where I’m not doing my ReCovering Artist thing…which I know my output has been been pretty nonexistent lately but I plan on changing that. I’ll be posting/reblogging stuff in relation to the movies I’ve watched on this list as I watch them.

Out of 1001 movies I’ve seen 306. We’ll be concentrating on stuff that I haven’t seen yet. But I may post stuff about the movies I’ve already seen when I actually catch up.

So that leaves us with 695 movies. Expect pictures, video, gifs, write ups, mini reviews, original art and whatever else I think is cool. Stay tuned. We start tomorrow =).

Starting tomorrow...

Thank you for joining me on this little journey toward completing the list of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.

We’re moving at a pretty good clip, both on my actual watching and on the blog here (this has been the most consistently active I’ve ever been with anything). As of this writing I’m sitting on a back log of about 7 films that I’ve watched but haven’t put on here.

This week, in an attempt to catch up on my movie watching help you guys get all the aspects of the list. I’m going to start my sharing of the 306 films I had already seen prior to embarking on the list. SO stay tuned for that. 

See you tomorrow.