anonymous asked:

Was wondering if you could help me learn how to write calligraphy or whatever font your using to your boju and such? Thanks in advance!!!

sure! firstly i tried writing like the watermelon script font. i didn’t know how to start writing calligraphy back then or even right now lmao so i took a wooden clipboard with me everywhere i go, i practiced, practiced, and practiced. though my calligraphy barely improved, i feel more comfortable in writing it! but after 2-3 weeks of mimicking the font, i feel it doesn’t look right for me. so i stopped writing like the font and started to write like how i want it to be.

i’d say right now i don’t have specific fonts when writing calligraphy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i do suggest you finding the font you like on sites like dafont and 1001fonts, then practicing writing like them. once you get the hang of it, i’m sure you can develop your own style of writing calligraphy! you’re welcome and best of lucks, anon! <3


AnonBlack’s Font Guide #3!

This time I went through and checked - every one of these fonts can be downloaded for free. Some Google searches will show paid pages as well as free download pages, though. 

If you’re still not having luck, check 1001fonts. I found that they had most of the fonts here.

I’m working on a basic typesetting guide at the moment, since I see way too many scanlated comics on Tumblr that have absolutely terrible typesetting. More on that later!