1001 now

It’s so unbelievably upsetting that no matter how many times you have to keep telling neurotypical people that the things you struggle with and how much you struggle can change daily, they don’t understand. They don’t, even if they claim to. 

I’ve been told “Don’t worry, I’m not going to judge or question your struggles” so many times, and each person who said this eventually found themselves in a situation where they just could not believe that I can sometimes struggle with the most ridiculous things, in the most ridiculous ways.

“You were given so much time to complete this assignment, HOW are you still not done?” “This is such a simple task, HOW are you not able to do it?” Oh, I don’t know, you ever heard of ADHD? How about executive dysfunction? Oh right, I believe I told you that I have it. Like a thousand times. 1001 now because apparently I’m not the only one with a bad memory here.

good-janet  asked:

I'm wondering what your and your followers' favorite lines from Arthur is! Mine is when Mrs. Read tells Arthur that Mr. Ratburn will be staying with them while his roof is fixed, and Arthur says, "Are there no hotels!?" in the most exasperated voice ever. ("The Rat Who Came to Dinner")

ahah, that’s a classic. 

i know there have been some lines that have really tickled me but i can’t uhhh. remember them right now. so i’m just gonna change my answer to “anything that mr ratburn says” because a lot of his lines are pure g– OH THAT WAS IT, in best of the nest when the brain is teaching mr ratburn how to use the internet and he discovers chat rooms: 

“The No Strings Attached bunraku puppet discussion group! Philistine! The shamisen is not a four-string Japanese lute. That’s the biwa!”


Interior of Tithe Barn, near Bath, England por Richard Majlinder
Por Flickr:
The Tithe Barn was built in the early 14th century as part of the medieval farmstead belonging to Shaftesbury Abbey. Its function was to store the produce of the farm, and of the farms of the manor. Tenant farms contributed a tithe, meaning a tenth of their produce. King Ethelred gave the Manor of Bradford, including the monastery founded by St Aldhelm, to the Abbess of Shaftesbury in 1001. The barn is now owned and maintained by English Heritage.

              Yukiru Sugisaki: Original Series Chronology
            Candidate for Goddess (1997) / D.N.Angel (1997)
                Rizelmine (2001) / Lagoon Engine (2002)
        Lagoon Engine Einsatz (2004) / Ascribe to Heaven (2008)
              1001 -Knights- (2012) / Junkissa Neko (2012)
But what about a Bourne AU

Two CIA assassin-amnesiacs on the run, the only link to the lives they can’t remember being one Felicity Smoak.