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              Yukiru Sugisaki: Original Series Chronology
            Candidate for Goddess (1997) / D.N.Angel (1997)
                Rizelmine (2001) / Lagoon Engine (2002)
        Lagoon Engine Einsatz (2004) / Ascribe to Heaven (2008)
              1001 -Knights- (2012) / Junkissa Neko (2012)
But what about a Bourne AU

Two CIA assassin-amnesiacs on the run, the only link to the lives they can’t remember being one Felicity Smoak.

Hiiiiii everyone, welcome to all the followers :D!

I rarely make text posts, but I just saw that I have 1001 followers now, which I like a lot - like 1001 nights. I’m very glad you’re all here! As you probably know, I mostly post comics and comic news and read a whole lot of canon material. I love Tony Stark more than is probably healthy, in all of the verses. And I am chuckling at the fact that this post is happening on the anniversary of The Confession now, one of my all-time favourites…

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