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Summary: Mickey catches Ian and Kash together. He tried to deny his jealousy as he storms off, but Ian finds him and it’s hard to mask.

Word Count: 1001

Notes: I’ve been working like crazy on all the requests so I haven’t gotten to what you requested yet, I will asap!

Though Mickey had been a complete ass to Ian, he was very horny and secretly missed the crazy redhead– emphasis on the ‘secretly.’ Without speaking to Ian for the past week, he hasn’t been fucked by anyone and he’s in dire need of it. With determination, he puts his coat and scarf on and then sets foot for the Kash n Grab.

On his way to the store, he pushed out any thoughts of how excited he was to see Ian– he could careless about him, right? It was a constant battle between his mind and his heart to be convinced that the Gallagher boy did not matter to him. As he neared the Kash n Grab, he did his best to shrug the feeling off and put his head on straight.

When Mickey walked into the Kash n Grab, he looked around and noticed that Ian must’ve already been in the back, which made him smirk— they could get right down to business. He locked the doors, grabbed a Snickers bar from the shelf, and then made his way to the back room.

He pushed the door of the back room open and saw a sight that he never expected— something he did not want to see. Ian was balls fucking deep inside of a thirtyfive year old towel head. Ian and Kash both abruptly turned at the sound of the door being slammed open. Kash looked horrified, but Ian seemed guilty. “Shit,” Ian said quietly

Mickey masked his upset feeling and scoffed. “Motherfucker,” he said and then dropped his Snickers bar on the ground. He immediately stormed out of the store. His heart was pounding in his chest– these were the sole proprietors of the times he really wished he didn’t care.

Taking out a pack of smokes from his coat pocket, he lit one and rushed his way to the abandoned building that he often snuck off to. Hensort of used it as his safe place— a place where he could be free to think or feel whatever he wanted to without anyone interfereing.

After he ran all the way to the top floor of the building, he grabbed the bottle of vodka that he had stashed in the corner of the room, and took a swig of it. He needed to get completely wasted after seeing that.

Little did Mickey know, Ian had followed him there. “Mickey!” He heard come from the bottom of the stairs. “Would you stop fucking moving so fast?” He watched as Ian trudged his way up the steps.

Mickey completely hid the hurt expression on his face by covering it with a scowl. He didn’t know why he felt so offended after seeing Ian with someone else, but he fucking hated it. “The fuck you want, man?” Mickey said.

“I’ve been fucking Kash for months. I tried to get him to back off, but he just came on me,” Ian tried to explain. He was clearly distressed about the whole situation.

“You were the one with your dick in him,” Mickey cockily snorted. “But it don’t fucking matter.” He tried to sound careless, but he had to avoid looking at the redhead in fear that’d he’d see right through his tough exterior.

“Yes, it fucking does–”

“I could careless who you decided to fuck on your free time, asswipe,” Mickey spat. He immediately regretted saying that because he knew that Ian could hear the jealous venom that stung in his voice.

Suddenly a look of annoyance and smugness flashed across Ian’s face. “Well, I mean, it just surprises me you even came by. You don’t give a shit about me, right?” He was trying to mock Mickey.

Mickey rolled his eyes and scoffed. He hated to hear Ian speak like this because no matter how much he tries not to, he does care. Looking down, he tightly shut his eyes. Ian slowly walked forward until Mickey could feel his breath.

“But I don’t think that is right, Mickey. I think you do care,” Ian pushed. Mickey eventually nodded because it was inevitable for him to fully hide something from the redhead. “You do care,” he spoke with a hint of shock. “I’ll completely stop fucking him if you want.”

Mickey rolled his eyes and put his defensive wall back up. “He’s a fucking pedophile. Do what the hell you want, dick breath.” It was an instinct for him to speak like this, and he didn’t know how to stop it.

Ian shrugged. “Fine. If you don’t care, I’ll go back there right now and stick my dick in him rather than you. Never did finish,” he started to turn but Mickey grabbed his arm.

“Don’t. Don’t go back to him–” the Milkovich boy started. He was very opposed to kissing, but a strong wave of lust washed over him and he grabbed the back of Ian’s neck to pull him in for a heated kiss. It definitely took Ian by surprise, but when he realized what was going on he kissed back harder. Before separating, Mickey lightly bit down on Ian’s lip. “Mine,” he said protectively.

Ian nodded and grinned into Mickey’s mouth. He loved seeing the possessive side of Mickey, and this was also the first kiss they ever shared so he he was on cloud nine. “Yours,” Ian crashed their lips together again.

Mickey suddenly pulled back with a smirk. “You said you never got to finish?” Ian shook his head. “Better get on me then,” he turned around and unbuckled his belt.

They fucked hard and quick. All it took was a few moments of hearing Mickey’s moans and how he was telling Ian that he wanted him to fill him up, and he did exactly that. For the first time, they laid there for a while after– just laying in each other’s presence. As Ian looks at Mickey, he understands that is hard for Mickey to express who he truly is, so he’ll take what he can get.

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Time travel The au au - Confrontation

The AU AU : Part 1 / 2 / 3

“You’re not her!” Oliver spat, turning and slamming his new bow down on the med bench. He missed Felicity’s flinch at the noise. “She is dead because you’re here. The Hood is hung up, and it’s staying there.” He glanced at Diggle, then turned furiously burning eyes back to her, gesturing sharply. “This isn’t a team. We were. But you. Aren’t. Her.”

Tommy sucked in a breath behind her, but Felicity shook her head and stepped towards Oliver, chin held high. “No. No, I’m not her. But I was her. And believe me when I say she wouldn’t want you to just give up!”

Oliver flinched, dropping his eyes and then looking sharply at Tommy. His face locked down cold, and he shook his head shortly. “No. I’m done trying to wash these streets clean with blood.”

Behind him, leaning against the computer station with his arms folded, Diggle compressed his lips and sighed, but nodded when Oliver looked at him.

“That’s bullshit.” Tommy stepped forward, tall and straight at Felicity’s shoulder, frowning. “You killed people for this shit, Oliver, and you’re gonna tell me now that my father’s put down, you’re done? That’s good enough?”

He scoffed, but Oliver looked almost betrayed, expression incredulous, brows screwing up and eyes narrowed. “You’re on her side about this? I thought you would be ecstatic I was done murdering people!”

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