VIENNA.- In this Picture publicly provided by the Westlicht auction house in Vienna, Austria a Leica camera is displayed on a screen while unidentified auctioneers clap their hands in Vienna Saturday May 28, 2011. The Austrian auction house says the 88-year-old camera has sold for a record euro1.3 million (US$1.9 million). Westlicht says the rare Leica is part of a small series dating back to 1923 and was valued at up to euro450,000 euro (US$ 643,640). It says the camera, which had a starting price of euro200,000 (US$286,000), went to a private Asian collector after a nailbiting, 20-minute bidding process. Westlicht claims Saturdays auction makes the Leica the most expensive camera ever sold. AP Photo/ho/Westlicht

I'm officially a published author!! :D

I just received an email informing me that my flash fiction story won the 1000words contest!  It’s going to be published online in May.  I’ll be sure to bombard you with the link when it shows up. ;)

This is a dream come true.  I’ve wanted to be published since I was very young.  I’ve been writing since I was 12 and I’ve been working hard to create something publishable.  And now it’s finally happened!  I’m thrilled.

Hopefully, this is just the first step in a long line of publications that will one day end in a novel or something cool like that. :)

The White House

By: Shen D. Sta. Maria

Last summer, I was usually watching Youtube videos of any kind. I relax myself by watching Buzzfeed, Poetry and documentaries. All of those videos were interesting but one in particular caught my attention which was about crime: kidnapping documentary. It was a story of 3 girls who were kidnapped and kept captive for 10 years in the house of their predator in United States of America, Cleveland. The documentary started with an audio of a voice – one of the victim’s voices who were calling for 911. The victim who called for help was, Amanda Berry; she was kidnapped during her teenage years and was brought to the house of torture of the sadist man. The first victim of the sadist was Michelle Knight. She was coming out from a store to head to her son who was in a daycare center. On a side note, she has an illness that wasn’t identified but she has a tendency to forget things, which is why she was asking around about area of the daycare center where her son was at. While she was walking down the streets, a van was following her; inside it was a man who asked if she needed a ride. Michelle asked about the daycare center and he said that he knows the place so she trust and rode with him. The man pulled up in the driveway of his house and told Michelle that he would get something first in his house before going to the said destination and that she should come in because it will take a while. His house was located in a normal-looking neighborhood where all houses had the same white colored walls and front yards with metal fences. She went inside an unfamiliar house of an unfamiliar man, but little did she know that that was the last time she would ever see the sun from outside. The next thing she knew, the man was tying her up; her arms and legs were tied behind her back. She cried so hard and the man was throwing dollar bills on her body like she was some sort of prostitute. She was so terrified of her surroundings that she was frozen at first and then tried to loosen her ropes, unfortunately her ropes were too tight on her ankles and wrists. The man was not happy with her reaction so he started abusing her and beating her ‘till she blacked out. He dragged her unconscious body to the basement. The basement was not exactly like a cellar, it was like an apartment with three doors and each with a lock. She was brought to one of the doors and there she was dumped and locked in for over a year. 

The next victim was Amanda. It was the day before her 17th birthday and she was heading home from work. On the way there, she encountered a man in a van and she smiled at him because he looked familiar. The man was an elementary school bus driver that everyone knew as a quiet and nice man. Also, he was the father of an old friend of Amanda in middle school. The man in the van started following her and asked her if she needed a ride home, she said yes. The man then asked if she wanted to see her friend, his daughter, she agreed and they drove to the white house. He said to come in for a while because his daughter is taking a shower then he started touring her in the house and that’s when she realized she wouldn’t ever get out of the white house. She was used for sexual abuse. She was usually chained and she was taped by the wrist and ankles with a belt wrapped around them and she was tied to a pole inside the second door of the basement. All she could do was shout and cry for help but only Michelle could hear her cries. Her face was on T.V and she saw her family there weeping because she had been missing for more than 24 hours. Also, he sometimes asks his captives if they would like something in a store and he would sometimes leave the door unlocked so naturally his captives try to escape but they did not know he was hiding in the corner to test them out if they will escape. If they did, he would beat them up and let them starve. In a psychological sense, it is like he is implementing that he is superior and there is no escape; lose any hope they still have. 

The last victim was Gina De Jesus, a 14 year old girl and was the friend of the daughter of the man. She was walking home from school and a vehicle drove next to her; the driver asked her if she had seen his daughter and asked if she could help him find her and she agreed. She was brought to the white house and she felt unnerved because of the weird behavior of the man. He brought her to the basement to chain her up and she tried to run and scream but his stereos were on a high volume so no one heard her. Like the others, she was abused and harassed. Also, Amanda got pregnant and they delivered the baby. Each of the girls has a different role for the man, Michelle was a punching bag, Amanda was the sex toy and Gina was both. The baby who grew up in the house was the only one who can walk around the house. One day, the girl told her mom that dad’s car was not there and the door was unlocked. All of them were hesitant at first but they took the risk and now they are all free and sharing their experiences. Also, the deranged man denied their accusations but due to the evidences presented, he was jailed and later on, committed suicide in his cell.

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