The thought just occurred to me, that there IS a form of minimum wage on FR. We all have one basic job, right? Feeding our dragons every day, that’s our work, we get the literal minimum possible for showing up to the site every day  We get this. 

Clan Energy: 98%

Your dragons are happy and fully of energy.  They are currently receiving the following bonuses:

+5 Gathering Turns
+1 Gem Per Day
+250 Treasure Per Day
+15% Battle Experience.

So if we apply the Tumblr warrior’s logic to the gem and treasure ratio here and RL money here. 

$5:500g so $1: 100g

So 1g is $0.01.

1g: ~1000t 

So 250t is ¼ of a gem. $0.01 + $0.0025 = $0.0875 rounded up to $0.09

FR’s minimum weekly wage is about $0.09. 

There, now you can price all the art accordingly. *

…….. I’ll show myself out now before y'all murder me….

(*Well, I mean, yeah, you can then work out how many seconds it takes to do everything and then work it out to the hour and stuff, but nope, that’s too much work for a joke.)

Could we have a ShowerThoughts tag Dadmin? (Could be useful for little random thingies like this.)

OK so @editoress. Outertale.

Long ago, two major species colonized the Sol system.


Inevitably, war broke out between the two powers.

After a long battle, the Humans were victorious.

They captured the monsters on a distant asteroid, and trapped them there with a powerful EM shield.

Many years later… upon asteroid EBOT 1000T, in the year X102,

Spacers whisper that those who enter proximity to this asteroid are never seen again….


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I hate the RNG for chests

I hate it. Like, I don’t understand the way the chests (rusted, iron, and gilded) work?

You think you wouldn’t get complete and total garbage from a gilded chest, but hAHAHAHA FUCk you friend buddy chum pal.

I wish that the RNG was set up differently? Or had different pools to draw from based on the sell prices for items? Or you know, Didn’t drop 4 out of five items that are listed in the materials or other category that don’t really do much but sit in my hoard????

I just want better apparel drops plz

A solution to it? Maybe??? Idk my dude.

Like, rusty chests would have items that are worth about/up to 1000t

Iron chests would have items worth 105-2500t

Gilded chests would draw from a pool of items worth 1000t and up.

Is that too much to ask?

There could be improvements to what I’m saying but I still think the RNG for chests in general is shitty and needs some kind of fix to them.