next year NotN suggestion: a dedicated Nocturne NPC for strange chest trades

this kinda started as a joke but after thinking about it for 0.01 seconds I realized it would be a huge quality-of-life improvement - the chest trades make Swipp basically unusable for anything else for two weeks, but there are so many variants waiting for the right trade to come around can be annoying (plus with the variable fee, you end up feeling like a chump that you spent 20k on ten chests from Tripp that you could have gotten for free from Swipp)

And don’t even get me started on how frustrating it is to cross-reference your food with the trinkets for each trade! it would be amazing to have all that information in one place - what each trade needs, how many of those materials you have, with the ability to make any of the trades at any time.

Even a less perfect version (not all trades available at all times, higher treasure fees) would be great, the current system leads to a lot of frustrating busywork.

This is not drama or anything suspicious.

But just thought that the Money Bags Raffle was really interesting. The raffle starts when there’s 20,000 tickets purchased. Each ticket is worth 850t. So 20k*850= 17 million treasures. Subtract that # with all the money prizes (for gems I just converted it by 1g:1000t.) In the end they make a 3 million treasure profit. 

Makes me wanna host a raffle now. Because I imagine this user not having that much money in the first place.