OK so @editoress. Outertale.

Long ago, two major species colonized the Sol system.


Inevitably, war broke out between the two powers.

After a long battle, the Humans were victorious.

They captured the monsters on a distant asteroid, and trapped them there with a powerful EM shield.

Many years later… upon asteroid EBOT 1000T, in the year X102,

Spacers whisper that those who enter proximity to this asteroid are never seen again….


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FREE chance to win a Coatl Scroll (+ four other fabulous prizes!)

What’s that? You want a Coatl Scroll? Of course you do! You don’t want to pay for it though? I feel ya! That’s why I’m offering you the chance to win a Coatl Scroll, absolutely free. Wait, wait, don’t run off yet! Let me explain.

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Here’s a link to the thread!

We are raffling off not only a Coatl Scroll

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