Some proper work

Today was my first day working in taiwanese construction. Building a raised walkway.
Completely untrained, I welded beams, with no eye protection of course. Mixed concrete in a wheelbarrow with my hands. Drove one of those little blue trucks, fully loaded, in the wet with no a license. Had a go on a jackhammer which basically exploded into the ground. Turns out one of the guys forgot to repair it, but with nobody hurt it was laughs all around. And also we all drank beers on the worksite.

Basically realised that all the hard work I had done in the past wasn’t hard at all. All the fellas were wondering why an educated guy like me was doing this shit. I don’t really know besides maybe, hopefully, it will teach me some self discipline.

Got payed 1000nt which is about 40 bucks.
Started at 7 finished at 5:30. Then I taught English.

I have to be there same time tomorrow.