1000km of spa


01 —– Start of the Spa 24 Hours, 1974.

02 —- Targa Florio 1972 - #Porsche 911

03 – Richard Attwood goes through the Eau RougeRaidillon complex in Porsche Salzburg’s 917K, 1970 Spa 1000km.

04 — More ‘Ring fever, this time from Jun 1, 1969 Brian Redman and Jo Siffert win the 1000km in the Porsche 9082.

05 —- Le-Mans 1968

06 —- Gitanes in USA, Jean-Pierre Jarier Matra MS 670 C.6Hs Watkins Glen 1974.

07 —– Daytona 1970, behind the Ferrari, the inverted colors beast.

08 —- David Piper at Monza 70. He crashed his Porsche 917 during the shooting of the film Le Mans and lost part of one leg.

09 —- AstonMartin DP214 - #LeMans 1964

10 —– 24 hores de Le Mans de 1980…


01——- TargaFlorio1967. Ferrari412P

02——-Sam Posey/Milt Minter, Ferrari 365 GTB/4 ‘Daytona’, Le Mans 24 Hours, 1973.

03——-#Porsche 906 - Targa Florio 1970

04——–Elford/Gerard Larrousse, Porsche 908/3, Targa Florio, 1971.

05——-@MrDavidHobbs and Brian Muir, Ford Falcon Sprints @SilverstoneUK BSCC, 1968.

06——-Sicilia, Targa Florio, Alfa…

07——-GT40s line up for @24hoursoflemans 1966. Sir John Whitmore & Frank Gardner’s entry is on the left. #ford

08——-Nino Vaccarella, Ferrari 512S at Targa Florio in 1970.

09——-Mike Spence in the Chaparral 2F that he shared with Jim Hall for the 1967 Sebring 12Hrs.

10—–Piercarlo Ghinzani (in car)/Michele Alboreto, Lancia LC1, Spa 1000km, 1982.

sports car week … the racing line

Teo Fabi (Martini Lancia LC1) following the Rothmans Porsche 956 of Jakcy Ickx & Jochen Mass (race winners) & the Nimrod-Aston Martin NRA/C2 of Geoff Lees & Tiff Needell through the Busstop chicane, 1982 1000km de Spa, Francorchamps

Ferrari Friday … n°7000

celebrating my 7000th post … & what better way than to do it with a picture of the greatest all round racer* of all time going through the greatest corner of all time** on the greatest track of all time in one of the greatest cars of all time***

Jacky Ickx (& Clay Regazzoni), Ferrari 312PB, 1972 Grand Prix de Spa, Francorchamps

* being Belgian doesn’t make me biased
** break even with Blanchimont & Masta
*** the 312PB was the last car to win Ferrari the ‘World Championship for Makes' 


off the line …

start of the 1982 1000km Spa Trophée

Jacky Ickx set pole with the n°1 Porsche on Saturday, on Sunday he & Jochen Mass would dominate the race, winning by 3 laps over their team mates, Derek Bell & Vern Schuppan
the Martini Lancia LC1 of Riccardo Patrese & Teo Fabi -who were 3rd fastest in qualifying- managed to bring their car home in 3rd
in 4th there was a little Belgian celebration with Belgian duo Jean-Michel Martin & Philippe Martin 


sports car week … always look over your shoulder

Riccardo Patrese (Martini Lancia LC1) battling it out with Jean-Michel Martin (Belga Joest-Porsche 936C), 1982 1000km de Spa, Francorchamps

Patrese would be able to fight of the Porsche & finish 4th, the rebuild 936 (which was initially a Group 6 car, but Joest transformed the 936 into a Group C car) would finish 5th, 6 laps down


01 ——— A Chaparral fliying in the forest  Jo Bonnier (at the wheel)  Phil Hill - Chaparral 2D Chevrolet - Chaparral Cars - ADAC-1000-km-Rennen Nürburgring - 1966

02 ——- Phil HillMike Spence, Chaparral 2F, Spa 1000km, 1967

03 —— Jacky Ickx (Ferrari 312PB) lapping Teddy Pilette - (Ferrari 365 GTB4) at La Source during the 1973 Spa 1000 Kms #WEC

04 —— Targa Florio

05 —– Le Mans 1968, Alfa Romeo.

06 —– Sam Posey & Tony Adamowicz, NART Ferrari 512M, 1971 - 24 Heures du Mans

what we miss … public roads

a view of Eau Rouge & Raidillon, 1985 1000km de Spa, Francorchamps

it was the last race for Stefan Bellof, who crashed after colliding with Jacky Ickx at the bottom of Eau Rouge
watch this great little documentary (German) about Bellof’s last race … it shows Bellof was ‘different’ that race, more turned towards himself than usual, did the death of fellow German Manfred Winkelhock play in his mind, he was focussed on beating the living legend Jacky Ickx more than anything, that would kill him … such a shame!

watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvRL3Dnatbw 


01——-Start of the 1970 1000km of Spa, moments before Siffert & Rodríguez entered Eau Rouge

02——-Le Mans in the 1970 - The NART Ferrari 312P - Tony Adamowicz and Chuck Parsons

03——Straw bales in place to ‘protect’ the drivers from a ruddy great brick wall at Eau Rouge, 1969 Spa 1000 Kms.

04——Targa Florio, 1970 Jo Siffert goes around Collesano curve in his race-winning Porsche 90803.

05—–The beautifully-liveried Vic ElfordKurt Ahrens Porsche 917K from Le Mans, 1970. I love this car!

06——Le Mans in the 1970 - The NART Ferrari 312P - Tony Adamowicz and Chuck Parsons