so theyve fixed the issue where you get like 1000k for failing. the way it’s working now, you keep the increased bouquet rate* even when you combo over 10 consecutives.

How You Died According to Your Sign: The 100 Style
  • Aries: Tried to revolt
  • Taurus: Toxic fog
  • Gemini: Killed in the Grounder-Delinquent War
  • Cancer: Sacrificed yourself to save someone else
  • Leo: Went insane
  • Virgo: Decided you were a herbologist (you were wrong)
  • Libra: Killed at Mount Weather
  • Scorpio: River snake
  • Sagittarius: Killed by Reapers
  • Capricorn: Wandered into a grounder trap
  • Aquarius: Got floated
  • Pisces: Got lost in the woods