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Congrats! Headcanon on aos bones and his fondness of the ease of access the skirted uniform provides! 😉

Thank you!

Oh my god, my mind went to the dirtiest of places and the imagery was so fucking vivid.

  • Leonard McCoy thinks the Starfleet uniforms are ridiculous. They are essentially designed so that you need hypermobility in your joints in order to zip them up, and he’s not a real fan of high waisted pants - for whatever reason, he’s always found high waisted pants are the kind that get uncomfortably close to your testicles, and he likes the boys to have a little more freedom.
  • Do not get him started on the idiot medical uniforms. The pullover pointy pinafore from hell pisses him off no end. Chapel has had to help pull him out of the goddamn thing at least three times in the last two weeks and he doesn’t think they’re any more sanitary than the regular uniform.
  • The most of his ire is reserved for the level of stupidity that was present when the women’s uniforms were designed. They are so goddamn short that his staff can’t even squat without showing off what god gave her. When he finally follows the chain of distribution back to the uniform designer to make his complaints, the response is to send a box of ‘underwear covers’ that are essentially a second pair of knickers in division colours for the ladies to wear under their dresses, like that somehow will help.
  • He writes a strongly worded memo to Starfleet Medical HQ about the impracticality of the goddamn uniforms, and the Enterprise nurses are the first to pilot a pants uniform while on duty in MedBay.
  • Leonard loves the pants uniforms while his staff is on-duty. Everyone looks the same, and comfortable. If he could just get rid of the pullover pointy fucking pinafore, he’d have everything he wanted in the world.
  • The uniform change does point something out to him though. He’d become completely desensitized to how fucking sexy the dresses were. He becomes so used to seeing his staff all in pants that when he ventures out of MedBay and into a sea of crewmen in their dresses, he’s distracted by how short they are.
  • He alternates wondering how he ever worked with that much delicious thigh on display all the time. He doesn’t remember having to work with a permanent semi, but maybe that’s why he hates the high waisted pants so much? Because he was constantly and perpetually aroused?
  • It’s not until a night after too much bourbon in the officer’s lounge that he realizes what a real treasure the dress uniform is. As you moan against his shoulder, he’s able to flip the skirt and pull down your knickers in a split second before driving home into you. It’s the most arousing and public thing he’s ever done.
  • You spend the next few months teasing him about his public sex kink, and ‘accidentally’ losing your ‘panty covers’ where he can find them, just so you can christen another area of the ship.

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(I can actually hear everyone rolling their eyes right now)


But I really, really, really, wanted to do some character analyses, and at first I was going to let you guys pick a character for me, but as I was going through the questions I realized that I just wanted to answer them all about Scotty.  

So that’s what I’m gon’ do. 

I have Sunday morning off.  And it is the first time off I’ve had in like a week and a half so I plan on sleeping in and spending the morning in bed.  And I will be pulling out my laptop and doing some analyses for you guys!

So just pick one question, send me an ask, and I will do as many as I can before I have to work at 4pm.  

I won’t be responding to the asks right away, as I will be responding when I write the answer, so don’t think I didn’t get your ask, I am just going to store them up in my inbox until the morning.  

There aren’t a lot of question options so if I get duplicates I will tag you in the answer.  

Questions below the cut!

If you have one that’s not on the list, feel free to send it as well. I can do headcannon requests if you have them too!

Character Analysis Questions:

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Sorry, mabey some headcannons about TOS Scotty walking in on the reader changing? Like they share quarters and are married but he's still startled/embarrassed.

Don’t apologize!

  • The first time he needs to report to MedBay for an injury, and he sees you, Scotty is smitten.
  • You were laughing at something McCoy had said, and McCoy was also laughing, and as he walked toward the nurse’s station, the entire MedBay was beginning to fall to pieces, they were laughing so hard.
  • It turns out you’d told a terrible and cheesy joke, but it’d struck McCoy as funny, and when he lost it, and couldn’t regain control of the giggles, the entire MedBay team fell apart.
  • You turned to him with your eyes shining with tears of laughter, and the brightest, most beautiful smile on your face, and Scotty forgot why he’d come in, struck speechless.
  • You saw his hand dripping blood, and in a flash your smile changed from carefree to careful, and you led him, with a gentle care that made his heart tight, over to a biobed. You cleaned the wound and called McCoy over to have a look. 
  • When McCoy discharged Scotty, he stopped at the nurse’s station and stumbled over his words for a few minutes before blurting out an invite to meet him for drinks. You agreed. The rest was, as they say, history.
  • It wasn’t long before McCoy signed paperwork recommending shared quarters for you as a ‘medical necessity’. It was the easiest way to skirt the cohabitation rules that Starfleet liked to enforce.
  • It was perfection. You had a comfy bed with enough room for the both of you, and Monty had some tinker space in the common room.
  • The first time you got changed in front of him, you noticed he looked away shyly and made himself busy with one of his projects.
  • The next time you noticed was a few weeks later, and he was still adorably awkward about seeing you without clothes on. You had absolutely no hangups about changing in front of him, you’d grown up playing co-ed sports that had required you to strip down to your sport shorts and bra regularly in front of people you wanted nothing do with, getting undressed in front of the man you were in love with wasn’t an issue.
  • You began to make a game out of it, walking through your suite, taking your clothes off, leaving them strewn all over. You’d follow him as he tried to escape, going as far as sitting on the edge of the worktable in just your undies one day.
  • Finally he snapped. “Hen, ye cannae always been mincing about starkers! I’m just a man! I find it hard enough keeping my hands off you already, put some damn clothes on before I take ye to bed and never let ye climb oot!”
  • You raised an eyebrow and dropped your knickers on the floor in challenge.

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Congrats on your following! 🎉 Could you do a Chapel headcanon about what she thinks of the boss' love life (choices, broken hearts, obliviousness, messiness, how it affects her work environment, etc.)? AOS or TOS (I realize we don't get much info about AOS Chapel.)

Thank you!! And YEAH MORE CHAPEL!!! All my thoughts about AOS Chapel are as a direct result of giving TOS Chapel a more thorough fleshing-out as a character, so… I think this will work for either.

  • Christine recognizes soon after joining the Enterprise crew that Leonard McCoy is a moody bastard.
  • She also realizes he’s an incredible doctor, and gives him a great amount of quarter because of his talent.
  • There is only one person in MedBay more meticulous about workspace than Leonard McCoy, and it’s Christine Chapel. If he so much as leaves a strip of tape out of place, she’s sighing and tidying up after him. It’s equal parts irritating and pleasing to him.
  • It comes as no surprise to anyone that she watches his romantic assignations with an air of cautious indifference. She doesn’t really care what he gets up to, as long as it doesn’t bleed into the sanctity of the MedBay.
  • She makes it clear that he understands that.
  • McCoy, she learns, is a lover and not a fighter. She is astonished by the successive string of lovers he keeps. She is more astonished by the rather genial way those lovers accept one another.
  • Every so often, McCoy makes an error in judgement, and some young ensign bursts into MedBay, tears and indignation, distraught that the agreement between them was misunderstood. It’s those moments when Chris wishes Leonard could learn to keep his pecker in his pants. And she doesn’t hesitate to tell him so.
  • Those lovers soon learn not to set foot in MedBay without a legitimate complaint about their health, as Christine is not the least bit cowed by the prospect of threatening their continued wellbeing if they continue to disrupt the hallowed walls of HER MedBay.
  • She thinks McCoy is probably so prolific in spreading his love because he hasn’t met the right person yet. She is gratified after one particularly eventful shore leave to notice that his romantic proclivities have settled considerably, despite the frustration of being unable to figure out who it is that he’s settled into something with.

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Congratulations for your 1000followers, you're a beautiful human being and an amazing writer, you deserve them!! <3 Could I resquest the number 7 and Mafia!Sehun for the Drabble Game? Thank you in advance if you do it :). I follow you since a lot of months now and I'm so in love with your writing and stories, esp the ones about Sehun (well he's my man) and I hope you will continue to bless me and the other with your talent in the future and that your blog will keep shining as well as you <3.

“I almost lost you”

As much as it was blissful being Sehun’s girlfriend, it was equally as difficult. Sehun, being who he was posed to be a very dangerous factor for both you and him. 

Sure, he risked his life everyday being in the Mafia, but him being in the Mafia was equally as dangerous to you. Since you were his girlfriend, you were an easy target for other gangs to use as a means to get back at Sehun. His most vulnerable spot was you. Without you, he was nothing and it was obvious to everybody that that was fact.

It had happened so fast that you didn’t even realise anything had happened until you woke up to bright white lights overhead. You first thought that you had died and were now crossing over to the other side when you felt a hand gripping yours tightly paired with a light weight on your arm. 

The more you came to your senses, you heard the beeping of something that sounded like a heart rate monitor and sniffling. 


You didn’t know where you were but as you started trying to move your limbs, you heard a familiar voice speak up.

“Baby are you okay? Are you waking up?” 

You soon realised that it was Sehun, but why did he sound so worried? 

You tried to sit up but was halted when you had felt a searing pain overtake your entire abdominal area causing you to let out a pained groan.

“Don’t, just lay down,” Sehun’s hand gently stopped you from trying to sit up before laying you back down in a comfortable position.

You looked at him and noticed that his eyes were all red and puffy, like he had been crying for a while.

“What happened?” you croaked. You had already realised you were in a hospital from the look of things, but why were you there?

“I’m sorry baby, it’s all my fault. T-they shot you. They tried to kill you and I couldn’t do anything. They got away before I could even come over to you to help. If I hadn’t left your side then this wouldn’t have happened. I love you so much and I almost lost you,” Sehun explained as best as he could while cried, holding you as close to himself as he could without hurting you, “it’s too dangerous for you, I can’t let you do this anymore, I can’t. If you died it would have been all my fault. I could never forgive myself.”

“Sehun,” you whispered, stroking his hair with your fingers, trying to get him to calm down. Underneath that cold exterior he showed to everybody was a sensitive boy that only ever showed this side of him to you. You were the only reason he even had this side of himself in the first place. 

“It’s not your fault, don’t you dare, for even a second thing that it was your fault. Don’t talk like that please. I’m still alive aren’t I? It could have been worse. I don’t care that I got shot. I’d go through this countless times if it meant I’d still be by your side. You forget that I love you more than I could ever explain and that if I wasn’t with you then I would feel something even worse than death itself,” you said, trying rid Sehun of the guilt he felt.  It wasn’t his fault and everything you said was true.

Sehun was your world, and you knew that you were his. 

“But-” he started but you silenced him with a finger pressed to his soft lips.

“No buts, Sehun, just hold me please? I’m sore and only you can make it feel better.”

You smiled weakly as Sehun didn’t waste a second in getting onto the hospital bed next to you and gently wrapping his arms around you. You rested your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat while you felt him kiss your head softly, resting his lips there.

All the pain you had previously felt had flowed away, making you feel as if you were laying upon a pile of clouds. No matter where you were or what the circumstances were, you could get through it all as long as Sehun was there.

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