Keeping A Dream Journal Can Help You Learn To Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming, the act of being aware of and in control of your dreams, is something that has been practiced and studied for many years. In fact, lucid dreaming has been traced back to Hindu traditions since before 1000BC. These beliefs spread to Tibet where Bonpo Shamanism claims that they have been utilizing lucid dreaming in their meditations for the past 12,000 years. Around 350BC, famous Greek philosophers like Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato all believed that dreams had a solid foundation in philosophy. Aristotle wrote, “when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which tells us that what presents itself is but a dream,” in his book On Dreams. The concept of lucid dreaming continued to spread, and in 415AD, the first written record of lucid dreaming was reported. However, Judea-Christian cultures were extremely skeptical of this practice, as they believed that dreaming came from demons. Some Christian groups today continue to believe that lucid dreaming is an act of witchcraft and satanism, and most of the population won’t acknowledge the validity of lucid dreaming. It wouldn’t be until 1978 when scientists would begin to explore the possibilities of what lucid dreaming is and what it could achieve.

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A good man draws a circle around himself and cares for those within. His woman, his children.
Other men draw a larger circle and bring within their brothers and sisters.
But some men have a great destiny. They must draw around themselves a circle that includes many, many more.

Tic'Tic (Cliff Curtis) to D’Leh (Steven Strait)

- 10,000 BC

Tagged Post where I answer questions and tag other people after!

So I was tagged by radcabinet for a thing, I feel special :D 


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What are three insignificant things that make you happy (think cute bugs or getting 1 extra chicken nugget) 

  • When I make a lame joke and it cheers someone up 
  • Finding out I have a snack that I forgot about that I can eat
  • Cats

What’s your Horoscope for today?

  • I would post it but It’s really long, and I don’t want this post to be ignored because people get bored easily.. it pretty much told me that i was going to encounter some petty or gossipy people today and not to let them bring me down. :)

Which character can you just not stand, no matter how hard you try?

  • I don’t really like Tavros in the webcomic homestuck, he’s alright I guess but he doesn’t do much (up to the point I’m at, at least), and he lets people push him around too easily. He just kind of annoys me in that way that you can’t explain when you dislike something.

What is your least favorite colour?

  • That gross blend of green and yellow that just looks disgusting, it’s like a grey yellow green.  this gross atrocity right here is what i mean:

Name all the constellations you can think of.

  • Big Dipper
  • Little Dipper
  • O'ryan’s belt?

Describe yourself in exactly ten words.

  • Loyal
  • Outgoing (If I’m comfortable with you)
  • Shy (grown out of it with time but there’s still moments)
  • Funny (tries to be)
  • Dramatic 
  • Moody
  • Friendly 
  • Contradictory 
  • Honest
  • Competitive
  • Caring (I tend to ‘baby’ or play mother goose on my friends at times)
  1. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into, and why?
  • Hufflepuff! I’m more of the type of person to support someone and just be friendly and relaxed. I’m not that studious, I prefer not to be cunning, and I can be brave at times I believe, but that’s not what defines me.

If you had the ability to jump into fictional universes but could only pick two, which would you choose?

  • One where I could be a magical girl with my own land that I could escape from normal life to designed and customized based on my personality traits and inner workings. Oh and the school I’d go to there would def have to be like fumizaki academy from 'baka to test' 
  • If I had to choose a world to escape to if the world was ending, I would consider playing SBURB if I had such a game, I’d hate to cause the end of the world out of boredom and curiosity D:

Who’s your anime husband? (We all know you have one)

  • THE STRIDERS from the webcomic homestuck, can I have all of them? Please??

Which game are you best at?

  • Not to brag or anything but I’m pretty much a boss when it comes to the original ps1 spyro games. ;) I mainly own games that focus on storylines, in other words I haven’t played many mainstream competitive games to brag about, I love to race people though!

What is your favorite word?

  • Any word that is said in a sarcastic manner :D

My Questions for those tagged!:

  1. What are some of your biggest pet peeves?
  2. List five qualities you love to see in your friends/people in general
  3. If you could change anything in the world right now, in any way or form what would you change first?
  4. Top 5 things that will make you happy
  5. Best bad joke you can find or think of?
  6. Do you believe in astrology, if so what is your horoscope sign and why do you believe in it?
  7. Describe what your ideal paradise would be, be creative with it if you want!
  8. What is your favorite ____ ? (fill in the blank with the first topic that comes to mind and list it) *sorry if this one is confusing*
  9. List five qualities you hate in people
  10. Your preferred weather would be?
  11. If you could have any power what would it be and why?

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