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I like that you love the relationship between Ciel and Finny so much! I find them cute too. They seem a bit like brothers. I like how Finny protects Ciel so often. I think he is the main reason why the Phantomhive servants have pretty much become Ciel's family.

Yes, Finny & Ciel are so cute together! Whenever I see them interacting with each other it warms my heart~(*´▽`*)

I personally didn’t really like the Green Witch Arc, but one of the good things about it was that there were many precious Finny&Ciel moments.

For me this scene was definitely one of the highlights of the GW arc!

And this was the funniest scene! (≧▽≦)

One day, one rhyme- Day 1000

Erom’s used to belonging nowhere
He’d always been that way.
There’s a strange sense of comfort in that,
That’s what Erom would say.
Throughout life he did not fit in,
He was always apart
But always he thought he’d find his home,
He knew it in his heart.
Around countries, along streams he searched
But it was all in vain.
That is, it was all in vain until
The day he met Lorraine.
Though he’d sought and sought through all those years
He’d never reached his goal
Because he’d been looking for a place,
But his home was a soul.

Phan: Rollercoaster Ride

Summary: Dan doesn’t realize he’s on the wrong ride until it’s too late. Thankfully, the stranger sitting next to him offers him a hand to hold.
Wordcount: 1.1k
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: swearing, mentions of throwing up
A/N: Based on this prompt. I’m sorry it took me so long to write, anon. Hope you enjoy. :) x

Dan realizes his mistake a minute too late. He’s been wondering about why the queue for the ride has been so long, since usually the rides that are less wild are easier to get on and the queue is usually mostly made up of parents waiting with their kids.

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Oh, that’s interesting, that’s terrific, that’s libelous, but what can I do?” [Laughs] You let things run in order to have some sanity and be able to do your work and not feel pre-judged. That’s not even a word, but you know what I mean. I think of people have an opinion about it so I guess I’m saying is that I was probably too scared to look into the fan writing on it.

Benedict Cumberbatch, part of the answer to a question about fans wanting and him being interested in the role of Doctor Strange



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Given that Bat-Cow is a real legitimate thing that actually happened, I feel like Red Hood needs a goat.  Like, a foul-tempered, vaguely sinister, apparently-completely-normal goat that Damien runs across on some mission, and everybody else calls “Not it” before Jason even knows what’s going on, and suddenly he’s got a goat.

And he tries to leave the goat at the manor, but he gets home and finds the goat in his walk-up, somehow.  All the doors and windows are still locked, security system hasn’t been tripped, nobody will admit to having put it there.

“You’re telling me that not one of you is responsible for this.  That a goat somehow got itself down ten miles of subway, navigated a switchover to the el-train, climbed six flights of stairs, let itself in, and then locked back up afterwards.”

“Goats are very nimble, Jason.”

And he keeps trying to leave it with petting zoos, but it’s the same thing every time, it always winds up back at his place.  Maybe he eventually grudgingly accepts it because it is kind of nice to come home to someone, even if it is just a goat, and it is kind of helpful.  He’s lost count of the number of times he’s come home to find that somebody’s clearly broken in–maybe just a thief, maybe someone after him specifically, but whoever they were they got headbutted right back out a window for their trouble.

The goat’s never the worse for wear.

Then he winds up in serious trouble, and in swoops the whole rest of the family at the last second, and he’s like “How’d you find me?” because he’s an independent vigilante who is not wearing a bat-tracker, dad.  And Bruce just looks pained and says it doesn’t matter, and Dick does his best to be very serious and tells him that Hood-Goat told them Jason was in trouble, and Barbara’s just like “We’re not calling it that.”

(They are totally calling it that.  Turns out it’s really hard to come up with good nicknames based off “Red Hood,” and neither Bruce nor Jason will accept Bat-Goat.)

Jason doesn’t believe them.  Tim and Steph immediately whip out their phones and show him videographic evidence, which in this case amounts to the goat jumping around the cave and waving his favorite leather jacket–now half-eaten–around like a flag.  Which, okay, is one of the weirdest things he’s seen in a month, and doesn’t explain how the fucking goat got from his apartment to the batcave, but he’s like “Okay, sure, but how’d you find me?”.

Steph fast-fowards to the part where the goat headbutts a map case open and stamps its hoof on the warehouse they’re all standing in right now, and Jason’s just looking at the goat, who is of course now loitering in the background like there’s nothing unusual about this at all, and going “You guys didn’t bring it with you, did you?”

And then Jason’s looking at Bruce, because of course they didn’t bring the goat with them, and going “Do you think maybe Zatanna could…?”

And Bruce is like “It’s your goat, Jason.  Part of being a responsible adult is arranging for its exorcisms yourself.”

Meanwhile Damien’s assuring the goat that it’s just perfect the way it is and probably doesn’t need the devil cast out of it.