1000000 years

“Easy there, Love.” He tells her, lying a hand gentle on the arm closest to him and she doesn’t know if she’s shivering because she’s sick, or she’s dead, or if he’s just really pretty, but it’s a shiver all the same.

Squinting up at him, Y/N moves her other hand (though it requires some effort) anyways to pat at his, “I’m dead right?” She asks him seriously, sniffling, “Are you an angel?”


Y/N is stressed and sick and Harry is her nurse

(20k+ words) 

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reasons i can relatte to zarkon
  • doesnt rest ever
  • has like no facial expression other then resting bitch face
  • im like 1000000 years old
  • i desperetly want, my cat
  • really really really likes the color purple
  • bitter
  • hoards things for a couple thousand years
  • has like maybe tenish friends but has a legacy to uphold
  • claims to have physic connection with pet cat
  • probably 6 inches tall irl but wears really tall high heels/bodysuit
  • tbh if given the chance ill take over the universe if given the chance
  • died in season 2

lol omg here comes the hate mail from my post saying mercy’s haircut is confirmation she’s bi XD


cool story bro, highly believable


In regards to this video and it’s comments. 

 This was my responce. My main reason for not wanting to be upfront about it is fear, not respect or decency. but given coys bravery here.

I explained to cry that I was feeling bullied by cheyenne, that her humour was hurtful (such as telling me to kill my pets or constantly telling me I was shit at games. others who joked like this apologised when they say it upset me and stopped. cheyenne didn’t. Hurting people for a joke is just gross behaviour) as well as her foul behaviour towards mods and badmouthing the viewers in the breaks between the streams. 

 We were all, save snake, guilty of a bit of meanness towards the viewers when the sound was off, but normally it was when they were being dicks in chat. like when they grabbed onto a meme and wouldn’t let go. anyway, after explaining I found her humour hurtful, and that every week was a blow to my self confidence which, I have to confess, left me feeling awful ( The last stream was the last straw as I found myself contemplating suicide - I have struggled with serious depression for years and the stream was making it worse. hence me confronting cry to try and change it.) he defended her behaviour.

 I said then that I would have to leave if things didn’t change, I didn’t want to, but felt I had no choice. cry responded with ‘well I don’t know what to do.’ As for why I never confronted cheyenne? I’m terrified of her. She is the kind of person that could, and would have made my life hell. 

I fully expect her to attempt to stop any form of youtube career developing for me. That’s the sort of thing she would do. That’s the sort of atmosphere that was in the stream, that the viewers didn’t see. 'Be nice or get kicked.’ I doubt I’ll ever work with cry again after this. I’ll never guest on the stream that’s for damn sure, but fuck it - truths out there now.

 I left because cheyenne acts like a dick and thinks it’s okay. with no remorse, not a single apology. its not a joke. I’m damn sure she means every single jibe. Tumblr: I realise what me posting this now will make me look like. It makes me look vindictive and shallow. It makes me look like a bitch. I’m ready to accept that. I have been prompted by friends to post my real feelings to help move on.

 I have been holding out, hoping things would go back to the way they were, where we could play games and have fun. I know now thats never going to happen. This is my closure, this is me moving on. I’m terrified of what will come of this, so I’ll Prolly hide for a while.

 Yes. Yes I am bitter that my night of playing with my friends, and they were some very good friends of mine, was taken from me. I’m not a social butterfly, I hate going out and that was one of my greatest pleasures. As for people saying I’m just doing this to be mean and spiteful? There’s ALOT I could have said here which I won’t. Things confided in me which I would not repeat. I’m not doing this for vindictive reasons, merely to get the truth out (thanks to prompting from some buddies.)

 How did that quote go? Something like 'If you wanted people to speak of you fondly don’t be a bastard’?.