1000000 kisses

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h....hey um,,,,the harris` son isnt ,,hot is he? -🌳🌳🌳🌳

Ewww, nooo.

Okay so, CONVENTIONALLY, he’s kinda attractive?  But that’s because he’s a jock.

PERSONALITY-WISE, he’s a gross piece of shit that really needs to learn what boundaries are.  He’s not so hot when you actually meet him.  It’s like, when you find a slice of pie, only to find that it’s filled with rot.

Listen, don’t worry about that dickbag.  Connor only has eyes for you and Jared.  Honestly, he probably just kissed him to spite the guy, since, he is like, suuuuper straight.

The Signs and What They Deserve
  • Aries: A High Five
  • Taurus: a fancy meal
  • Gemini: A trip to six flags
  • Cancer: candy and chocolate...and a few puppies.
  • Leo: To live in a mansion
  • Virgo: A good friend
  • Libra: To be showered in glitter
  • Scorpio: A 1000000 hugs and a kiss from their bae.
  • Sagittarius: Tickets to Japan
  • Capricorn: $10,293,820,347,239,472,347,613,476,234,823,746
  • Aquarius: To be fabulous.
  • Pisces: Cake. And Cookies. and Kittens

aaaaaa omg so!!!! i know a lot more people sent in like super cute profiles of themselves and wOW YOU GUYS ARE SUPER ADORABLE AND I LOVE YOU!!! b ut i’m not going to post them because there are a bunch and i don’t want to like spam you guys, but wOWWIE ARE YOU GUYS EVER CUTE <33333333

i just wanted to say that, just so you guys dont think i’m ignoring you or anything like that!!! ;u; 



Half Japanese - “1,000,000 Kisses”



look how tender they are with each other, look at the light on their faces, look how this looks 1000000% like a wedding kiss outside in the garden somewhere and i cannot unsee it, it’s just so gentle and natural and spontaneous. look at how their mouths open for each other, they are drawn into each other’s orbits, eyes closed, breathing in this moment when things are all right for once, even outside of snow monsters and avoidance and guilt and walls and fear, because they’re here, together

have you ever seen such perfect assholes

no you have not