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Me: *gasps* oh no I’m not r Ea d y

Me: *Reminds everyone I am open to all ships in my fandom and don’t hate*:

“Good morning, my Engel

I FINALLY got some free time to doodle these two!! :D

I really love the idea of Kurt appearing in Warren’s room to wake him up in the morning.

…And then they end up laying there for like three hours because no way is Warren actually getting up any time soon.

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I’ve never tried a Cullen/mage!Trevelyan romance but apparently they have a conversation about how an ex-Templar and a Circle mage can date and I imagine it went something like this.

the thing that kills me James McAvoy is a genuinely decent human being, sure he has his flaws (we all do) but he’s super respectful towards everyone he works with, everyone he meets, every single fan. He take his time to appreciate each person he interacts with, he’s funny (but not offensive), he’s sincere and honest, and he acts for not the accolades but for the sake of acting, he really loves what he does and loves sharing it with the world, but at the same time he wants to just be a regular dad with his corny dad jokes and 10000 year old boots. he doesn’t buy fancy cars or drugs, he doesn’t disrespect women, he doesn’t badmouth anyone, he’s never worked with the scum directors( polanski or allen), he’s always giving to charity, we’ve seen him personally bring down bags of his own clothes to red cross, he’s constantly fighting the glass ceiling problem in the uk for actors, he wants everyone to shine, he has a scholarship for underprivileged children to get into drama school, he came from a broken home and working class and has truly made it! he also still wears the same five colored shirts ( i swear to god) and he’s just a generous, kind, human being, and the fact y’all sleep on him is beyond me. i haven’t seen someone this beautiful, kind and talented who’s really acting for the sake of acting in hollywood in forever. he’s not a celebrity nor does he want to be, he’s the world’s best actor and he’s still so very humble about it.

sorry i just adore his ass

Alright, I’ve been seeing a ridiculous amount of dispute about rocketshipping and TR’s sexuality in general lately, and I’d like to add my two cents. This is not an attack aimed at anybody for the record.

So let me get this out of the way first: ship what you want, headcanon what you want. As long as it’s not harmful, go nuts, and no one can tell you you’re wrong. That’s the joy of fiction.

What I mainly want to address is the number of people who read Jessie and James as cishet getting very defensive and acting like that’s what’s closest to canon. Though you might add something like “"but if you think James is gay, that’s fine, just don’t act like it’s the truth”, it immediately raises flags because there’s an underlying superiority there.

Here’s the deal.

There’s no “proof” that TR are not straight because children’s media is still to this day extremely homophobic. It’s incredibly rare for gay relationships to be portrayed AT ALL, and when they are, it’s even more rare that it’s not played for comedy. So of course there’s not gonna be nice, blatant hints that a character is trans. We have to look for them, read into dialogue we KNOW was never intended that way, and build that theory ourselves, because no one else is going to do it for us.

The flamboyant side of team rocket- crossdressing, etc- is not “proof”, because the creators very likely didn’t intend for them to read as queer (or if they did, it was, again, played for comedy). So, again, we reclaim that. No, crossdressing doesn’t immediately make someone gay, but it does show fluidity in gender. 

And on the flip side, there’s NO evidence saying they’re cis, either. People assume that cis is the default, so if it’s not explicitly stated otherwise then that must be fact, but that’s just not true! Trans people are everywhere and you don’t need a huge disclaimer to believe a character isn’t cis. Plus, I don’t understand the reluctance to call a character trans, anyway. If it in any form devalues that character or your ship, you need to think about your values, because that’s transphobia. Same goes for autistic headcanons.

Here’s what we know about their sexuality:

- Jessie crushes on a lot of guys

- James initially had a crush on Jessebelle, and arguably crushed on another woman during Ghost of Maiden’s Peak

- James thinks Harley is pretty

- About 10000 gay jokes were made during Fortune Hunters

- Kojiro says in Beauty and the Beach, that’s his beauty is not specific to a man or a woman

That’s about it. None of that rules out gay headcanons. Jessie and James obviously love each other, romantically or not, and are very comfortable touching each other and showing intimacy. That doesn’t mean they’re dating, but it very well could! And if they ARE in love, surprise surprise, that doesn’t mean they’re just straight. Bi people exist and the lack of consideration to that sexuality in all this discourse is astounding.

So yeah, there’s plenty of hints they’re not cishets- it’s just that people would rather brush over them as insignificant jokes, because it makes them uncomfy to think of their favourite ship as anything but straight. If you believe they’re straight and cis, fine! I’m not attacking you and I’m not saying you’re homophobic for that. But please don’t get all up in arms about it when someone thinks differently.

I wanna be clear here: as queer fans, we’re at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to being backed up by canon. Please don’t exploit that to rubbish our interpretations of characters.

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One time after 7 hours of a 9 hour shift my co-workers and I went through all the ways we could kill ourselves using items in the store/the actual store ourselves and just. *Sdm au* exhaustion increases morbid jokes by 10000%

oh definitely i told my coworker i’d ingest the entire contents of the windex bottle she was using to clean the glass shelves and she was like “same.”

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"will i see you again?"


the young galra had abandoned formal robes in favor of his armor;  a suit of leather-like material,  padded and reinforced,  lightweight and fitted closely to the body to allow for silent,  free-flowing movement.  kolivan had not worn them in quite some time.  the garments had become loose in places,  tight in others,  accentuating how lean and muscular he had become in recent days.  the galra had always been in good form,  but these solemn times had hardened him,  highlighting the edges that hadn’t existed before.  

their world was changing,  and kolivan with it.

briefly,  he met kaiera’s gaze,  ambers eyes darting away ‘less the prince see the doubts lingering within them.   you will,  he said.   zarkon has made the entire universe his enemy — he is outnumbered, and his sole advantage has been his unpredictability.  we did not know what he was capable of.  we underestimated him. but we won’t make that mistake again.  

before,  the coalition had underestimated him — they had thought,  perhaps,  if they gave him time to grieve,  all would be well again.  that it was only a temporary madness,  something that would sort itself out over time.  they were wrong.  now,  with the destruction of altea and declaration of war,  the coalition would have no choice but call upon the allied nations to join their forces,  and crush the imperial army before more lives were lost.

I would stay here and fight,  with you —  kolivan said. lines of frustration had formed between his brows,  but the seriousness melted away,  replaced by a wry smirk.   but you are krol srenov, king among warriors—  what use would you have for me?  he is teasing,  facetiousness hidden beneath that deadpan disposition so common among galra.  

Social justice things I didn’t see being talked about at all on tumblr after the Oscars:
- Spotlight, a movie about child abuse victims, the catholic church’s and a whole community’s institutional cover up about 70 paedophile priests with around 1000 victims winning not only best picture but best original screenplay as well
- Brie Larson winning best actress, also for an abuse victim’s portrayal
- Alejandro G. Iñárritu, a latinx director winning best director twice in a row(!!) after Birdman last year, then dedicating his award to the Latin community and talking about how the Mexican kitchen staff cheered for him, yelling viva México, when he won, adding “that’s not the people Donald Trump described at all” and praising how much they contribute to the country
- Sam Smith, an openly gay man winning best original song and dedicating it to the gay community (Lady Gaga would have deserved it, but still)
- Enio Moriccone, an Italian composer winning best original score. Why is this important? If you’re from an English speaking country, especially the USA or the UK, you don’t know how big this is for that country, we barely stand a chance. (To be fair, Italy is the non English speaking country with the most Oscars won.)
- Son of Saul, a Hungarian movie about a Jewish man being forced to work in a Nazi death camp during the Jewish holocaust winning best foreign film, even though Hungary’s still wildly anti semitic, (thankfully) causing an uproar in radical right circles and holocaust deniers
- Stutterer, a movie about a person with speech impediment winning best live action short film
- Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, a Pakistani activist (not to mention woman) winning documentary short subject for her movie about honor killings in Pakistan, making her the first Pakistani ever to win two Oscars (she won one in the same category in 2012 as well)
- Inside Out, an animated movie about childhood depression winning best animated feature film
- Bear Story winning best animated short film, making it the first win of Chile. Not to mention it’s highly political, as it deals with the bloody Pinochet regime of the country.

Social justice things I did see being talked about on tumblr after the Oscars:
- Chris Rock making 10000 white people joke

Tumblr forgot that after calling out all white people on their shit more than enough times, he was also kind enough to make the effort and make a completely unnecessary racist joke at the expense of three Asian children he invited onstage.

But thank God for tumblr being so #woke

SOMEONE has to put bread on the table!” I shout, stacking them higher and higher. I bought all sorts of sizes and shapes to make the process easier. I’ve reached the ceiling. My family is yelling at me to stop, but they don’t understand. Someone has to put bread on the table.