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Our second day in Cebu City was the highlight of our 3 days and 2 nights vacation. We were able to visit places from the historical landmarks, trending tourist spots up to the mountainous part of Cebu just for one day only. To avoid the hassle of the traffic, we decided to hire ‘Habal-habal’. The driver served as our guide at the same time our photographer. And in all fairness, they took us good photos.

Our guides were on time. They were already waiting for us outside the hotel when we went downstairs from our room. Our call time was 9:00 AM. And we were so lucky because when we woke up, the weather was unpleasant and when we were about to start the trip, the rain stopped. So we started with the mountainous part of Cebu.

Sirao Garden. The Little Amsterdam of Cebu. 

1 hour and 30 mins travel time from the City.  (more photos here)

Tops of Cebu

10 – 15 mins travel time from Sirao

Temple of Leah

This is the graveyard of Leah who is the grandmother of Ellen Adarna (A Filipina model and actress). This temple is dedicated to Leah. A temple built by undying love. Her remains are still there. Some of the antique collections of their family are also exhibited there. Ellen’s family is well known in Cebu for owning huge businesses like hotels. And they are actually planning to build a hotel beside Temple of Leah so I noticed that some parts of the place are still under construction. 

Taoist Temple

 It is situated inside an exclusive subdivision so some of the tours are not allowed to go beyond the entrance of the subdivision which happened to us. We had no other option but to walk. Entrance to the temple was 15 mins. It was a good exercise and still tolerable. Travel time from the temple of Leah was 30 Mins.

Lechon House 

We had lunch in Lechon House. Cebu has the best lechon and you can find everywhere in Cebu. Place and food were awesome but the price was somehow expensive. For the budget traveler, I don’t recommend it. You cant try CnT Lechon instead.

Heritage of Cebu monument 

walking distance to the Ancestral house

Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

 A very creepy house.

The Fort San Pedro

Basilica del Santo Niño and Magellan’s Cross

10000 Roses

was not included in our tour’s package. So we had to commute which I regretted because the transportation in Cebu is worst. Traffic is everywhere. The jeepneys have route codes that are the combination of letters and numbers for each route which are hard to memorize. Big thanks to google map because it has a comprehensive guide of where are the terminals of the jeepneys and what are the route codes. Uber and Grab were our lifesavers. 10000 roses can be located at Corvoda which is really far from the city. So I suggest, look for a tour that has 10,000 roses in their itinerary.

The Pyramid 

why go to Paris if we have it here in Cebu? It is located in IT park and near Sugbo Mercado, a good place to chill at night and try different food from Cebu.

For pasalubong, you can buy Utap from Shamrock. It is near Basilica del Santo Niño so you can ask your tour guide to go there for just a minute to buy pasalubong or just take a taxi. You can have your dinner at La Vie Parisienne and try their very affordable wine. I listed also below the possible expenses for the tour which is 1480  pesos per person only guys!!!

Package Tour ——————————————–700 (without 10000 Roses) /        ———– ——————————————– 1000 – 1200 ( w/ 10000Roses)  

Entrance Fee

Sirao Garden————————————————30

Temple of Leah——————————————–50

Tops of Cebu ———————————————-100

Taoist Temple    ——————————————-Free

Ancestral House——————————————-50

Heritage of Cebu monument ————————–Free

Basilica del Santo Niño and Magellan’s Cross—–Free

The Fort San Pedro—————————————30

10000 Roses ———————————————–20

The Pyramid  / Sugbo Mercado———————–Free

Total————————————-1480 Pesos PER PAX!!

Invite your friends at gunawa na ng plano!! tama sa ang drawing at baka mag pa exhibit na kayo sa dami ng drawings niyong travel goal

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