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I just went through your whole blog,,, oops

okay so i just want you to know that as of posting this, this is OFICIALLY my 10,000th post on this blog (including reblogs I mean) . like here is my screen as i am about to post this

so if u mean that you went through like every single post ive ever made or reblogged???? Im honestly just so impressed like proud of you dang, even if we’re just talking about original posts I’ve made that’s still a big number so like. props honestly im just in awe of this dedication and im honored dang. Also yay for 10,000 posts!!!


a quick rick and morty fananimatic
just for fun and some practice.

if you’re too busy to watch the whole thing, skip to the morty parts! :0

hey my girlfriend writes the best yumikuri fics in the world y’all should read them and leave nice comments 

The Saltwater Room

Dream Catcher 

Falling in the Falls

Pillow Talk

annnd more! Go check ‘em out and it’d be SWEET if y’all reblogged this bc it’s my 10,000th post and honestly who doesn’t love ymirXhistoria 

I’m gonna repost this later because idk if my phone ruined the quality because I’m posting from my phone. Also I Take Requests For Art Please Don’t Be Afraid To Ask I love when people ask me to draw stuff it makes me feel appreciated because I don’t have paypal therefore can’t do commissions

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Este es el post número 10,000 de este blog. Años de mi vida escritos aquí en pequeñas frases. Muchas personas se han identificado y he tenido la oportunidad de conocer a algunas. Agradezco mucho a las más de 26,300 personas que alguna vez han leído este blog. (Hasta ahora) Sólo quiero pedirles que nunca se rindan. El mundo necesita a personas que hagan lo que les gusta. El universo es lo suficientemente grande para que todos tengan lo que desean. Ámense a ustedes mismos y compartan ese profundo amor con los demás. Es lo único que les pido. Gracias.

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Guess who’s back, back again -

Hatakiri here! Hatake Kakashi RP blog [ UNDER CONSTRUCTION / BARELY FUNCTIONING ]. Like or reblog, whatever works. Or do nothing, that also works too.

The Flash AU: Bette Sans Souci (aka Plastique) survives her encounter with General Eiling and teams up with a recently escaped Shawna Baez (aka Peek a Boo) to get the revenge redemption they deserve.

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