Hey guys, I know a lot of you guys aren’t feeling too great about yourselves and personally as a member of the parafamily I feel like it’s part of my duty to try and help my brothers/sisters out. These are just a few things that I watch or look at when I’m feeling down and they seem to help me feel better so it’s worth a shot! If I find more stuff I’ll add as I go along

hayley makes you feel great

paramore at reading 2014 (when the power goes out)

fans singing misery business when hayley’s voice was shot

poop club

warped 2011 interview

paramore and puppies

paramore and no doubt… wearing tutu’s 

paramore funny moments videos [x][x][x][x]

hayley’s muffin question

taylor’s muffin question

taylor singing 

taylor playing drums

hayley’s cribz episodes [x][x]

prank calling hayley’s mom

ustream moments

taylor says ‘hi' 

t&z - baby come back 2 me

parahoy q&a [1][2][3][4][5]

hayley being a ninja turtle

how to annoy somebody 

josh, zac and taylor butterfingle interview 

christmas song

favourite viral videos

last hope dedicated to robin williams

story of the bars

hayley giving free tickets to a college student

hayley realizing a selfie is really a video

cute post from hayley

chayley’s first kiss story

proof taylor york is a curly puppy

hayley getting hit with a flying poster

hayley about the new album

who are paramore???

hayley’s anklebiters speech

taylor twerking

taylor’s old tweets

hayley williams appreciation post by parascots

hayley’s whistle voice

fans serenading paramore

taylor still being rad when he hurts his ankle

my dorks tag

jeremy davis bass interviews

taylor and jeremy backstage

happy new year

paramore on parahoy recap

hayley williams being asked out by a 4 year old

paramore breaking vinyls