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Dave Grohl's boneheaded, self-indulgent, unoriginal and very stupid, cheesey Arena Rock is one of the biggest reasons rock is dying. I can't help but to laugh at his dumb ass on stage, as he spews crap like, "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK" or "LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE". Kurt even made fun of these types of people in an interview, I can't help but to feel he has laughed at Dave for this bullshit. Dave will never be as good as Kurt, so it pains me when people say he is somehow BETTER. HOW? WHY? (B)

ok,  the Foo  fighters are not to my taste, with most of their music.   certain ones,  I love.    these days,  everlong, marigold.

arena rock,   I am not a fan of that.    small clubs,  (under 1000) are the best.

I have heard Kurt be compared to Dave,  and so on.   even throwing Krist into the mix.    three totally different Men.      

let me expound here.    Kurt  was a small club,  venue guy.    he wasn’t fond of the “rat hole” ones,  but the nicer ones.   he liked interacting with the audience.

his music was genius.  those don’t come around  often.   he was unique, in he wrote biting lyrics with beautiful melodies.

dave has some good songs.    but most I don’t care for. he’s into the arenas.

that’s him.   he seems to love festivals, and kurt hated them.

Krist?   he does his own thing.  the hobby farm,  his flying, his radio show, 

helping Darka with her business, and doing music too.    HIS way…..and is enjoying it again.

so I am not criticizing either of them.  they did NIRVANA, which was kurt’s thing.

now they are enjoying music their way.

How to Basic was taken down for misleading content I’m dying [EDIT] The channel is back up, it was only down for a day, December 3rd. People just keep reblogging the post from before it was corrected. Thank you all for fact checking though, really awesome that people seem to care a lot more as of late about the information they spread!

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a lowblood: highbloods can be controlled with goat’s cheese

a purpleblood: goat’s cheese is mother fuckin good tho

a lowblood: reel ‘im in boys ive got one