My favorite part of the song 😆 1000 Years  ~  130120 

Only 2 days til Jinki’s birthday🎂

why did that pregnant woman leave 1D tho like harry was about to carry her home on his back while reciting the 1000 most popular baby names

I said it mainly as a joke, but actually the idea of lesbian dominatrix Irene Adler meeting Molly Hooper and developing a big, sloppy, embarrassing crush on her, to the point where the woman who brought England to its knees gets weak in the knees and stutters whenever she’s near her morbid, mousy lady-love is very important to me.


Dream Casting  » John Cho as various terminators sent back in time to eliminate the Reese-Connor family.

BADLANDS Deluxe Box Set (preorder here)
Box set includes:
1. Limited Edition Box autographed by Halsey (first 1000 only)
2. YOUR name included in the packaging (first 500 only)
3. 7″ vinyl featuring two unreleased tracks, You(th) demo & Drive demo
4. Deluxe version of the Badlands album (16 tracks)
5. 7″ x 7″ Halsey stencil
6. Badlands button pack
7. Halsey logo enamel pin
8. Lithograph of a hand drawn illustration by Halsey
9. Badlands sticker phone decals
10. Badlands story prologue written by Halsey
11. Badlands map