Nicki Minaj’s BET Awards Black and White Dress and Crystal T-Strap Pumps

Nicki Minaj Instagrammed THIS photo from the 2015 BET Awards.

Her dress is the Mugler Mega Milano Draped Viscose-Blend Dress.  Buy it here:

SHOPBOP - $2,037
FORWARD - $1,664 

Her shoes are the  Rene Caovilla Embellished Mixed-Media T-Strap Pumps.  Unfortunately they are SOLD OUT

rowanthesloth replied to your post “Seattle is fuckin cool in going to college there this fall and it’s in…”

If you live outside the city limits where I live, you can usually find 2-bedroom apartments for around $1000/month. My roommate and I pay slightly less than that, but we’ve lived here for a long time. I can get downtown by bus in 45 minutes from here

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Sardinia Ohio, population 968. With having such a little population, there’s no doubt that drivers who are just passing through wouldn’t pay any attention to the community that lives in Sardinia. But, just because people choose not to pay attention to the lives that go on, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Friends and families are extremely close knit in this town, and even turning a corner you will see at least one recognizable face smiling at you. With under 1000 people residing in Sardinia, just one fifth of that population consists of students attending high school from grades 9-12. These students have grown up together, and many of the teens haved lived in the same house since they were born. In Sardinia, neighbours become your best friends just because you see them nearly everyday, and “cliques” are formed just as quickly.

With a handful of students living in the little town graduating every year, many can’t wait to get out of Sardinia as soon as possible. But, the ones that do stay behind don’t want to part with the loving, close community that they’ve grown up with. Just like every 18 year old, graduation finally means freedom. Even staying behind in Sardinia allows for a little fun to happen. With having just the right connections, a group of sixteen graduates found themselves working at the only motel in the town; Kenzer Motel. Usually, working during the summer allows for no fun to happen. But, since barely anyone stays overnight in Sardinia, the motel is nearly abandoned. With not having to work, or clean up after the people checking in, the 16 friends made it up to them to find some way to make their last summer together the best they ever had.


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*really sunny day*

*walk into a shop and buy really cheap, but really nice-looking hat*

*walk past an older gentleman with a cane*

Older gentleman: Miss, let me just tell you that hat is extremely elegant.

*day gets 1000 times better immediately*

EDIT: just realised putting a smiley in the tags makes it look like it’s wearing a little hat. #:) Heh.

Over the years I have received many comments from people such as friends, teachers, family etc claiming that ‘I don’t need makeup’ ‘who are you trying to impress?’ or to 'save it for the weekends’, I’ve been forced to remove my makeup in some instances when I was a little younger. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was twelve, not to impress a single person, I wear it for me and only me. Do you seriously think I would have worn makeup for seven years of it wasn’t for me? I love myself, I love myself maybe a little too much, with or without makeup; I’m beautiful. I don’t have damaged confidence, I’m not trying to hide anything, I’ve nothing to hide. I’m more than comfortable removing my makeup around my boyfriend or not wearing any at all. Do you think I’d spend £1000’s on makeup a year just to stop irrelevant people on or outside of social media I don’t even know from thinking I’m 'ugly’? Don’t think so sista.

Hunted wings

Elizabeth had grown up in in a family of hunters-not just your normal caribou or bear or whatever, hunters…angel hunters. The reason why they hunted angels was for their wings feathers, they were very rare and very valuable. One feather could maybe go for $1000 if lucky!

Now, this tradition her family had spread back many generations. Hundreds of years even. And now, it was her turn. Her turn to go out alone to hunt. Her first time too. This would be interesting.

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Les chutes du Niagara

Seconde partie de notre périple vers l’ouest du Canada et une étape incontournable : les chutes du Niagara. C’est à environ 430 km des 1000 îles et un peu plus de 5h de route à cause des bouchons à proximité de Toronto.

Les chutes du Niagara sont composés en réalité de 3 chutes qui relient le lac Érié au lac Ontario.
L’une des chutes est aux Etats-Unis, les deux autres, le “fer à cheval” emblématique du lieu et celle plus modeste dite “voile de la mariée” sont côté Canada.
Elles tombent sur une cinquantaine de mètres et sont vraiment très large. Le débit moyen est de 2 800m3 d’eau par seconde soit l’eau nécessaire pour remplir une piscine olympique chaque seconde.

Malheureusement, comme toutes chutes d’eau, celle-ci finira également par disparaitre à cause de sa propre force d’érosion. Sa crête a reculé de 335m depuis la première mesure effectuée en 1768 et recule aujourd’hui d’environ 1 mètre par an. Rassurez-vous, il reste encore quelques années avant de ne la voir se transformer en simple pente douce.

Voici la chute américaine vu juste avant que celle du fer à cheval tombe dans le lac Ontario.

Une partie du fer à cheval. La visibilité était relativement faible à cause de la météo capricieuse et de l’immense panaché de bruine qui remonte de la chute.

Une “croisière” au pied de la chute est possible pour ceux qui souhaitent un brumisateur géant. On peut vraiment se rendre compte de la hauteur de la chute en la comparant avec la taille des personnes amassées sur le bateau.

Peu de photos au final pour cet article, la météo n’aura pas été de notre côté pour la seule fois du séjour.


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