what ive been working on the past week

iwaoi ons au because i like to suffer :)))))))

anonymous asked:

what youtubers do you watch other than game grumps? :)

Julia Nunes, LDShadowLady, CaptainSparklez, Aureylian, Yogscast sometimes, Lucahjin all times, Ashens, CommunityChannel, DominicFear, Jack & Dean, Retusupurae, and even though she hasn’t made a video in four months i’m gonna plug Lizbertlake because she’s a pal~

also i watch my own videos over and over again on youtube.com/dajo42 lmao

Five Times Sherlock Had Coffee... and one time he had John instead
By Organization for Transformative Works

Overseas on a case with his blogger and friend, Sherlock finds that thoughts which are easily suppressed amid the distractions of London are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore…