Sen: Yo. We fucking did it. I’m actually overjoyed right now. Tbh I spent the whole day waiting for that follower count to go up by one and I was literally yelling a few minutes ago. Y'all came for sin and tears.
@seismogenic was our 1,000th follower. Yo thanks my dude

Yong: Thanks for sticking by us for so long! We swore we would be doing more things but exams just got in our way so we wanna make it up to you. If we were to do some sort of event here to celebrate, what would you guys wanna see? Literally anything except posting our nudes here lmao. What do you guys want from us?

Daily Doodle #331/1000 - March 31-Minute Imagination Challenge #25/31

Morning warmup.

Something I’ve neglected to mention about this sequence of challenge paintings this month: I’ve also been restricting the brush choice, and have only used the regular ‘Oil Paint Flat’ brush and, occasionally, the 'Running Colour on Fibre’ blender.  Everything’s always on a single layer too, but that’s not really a restriction so much as a habit.

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Clip Studio Paint, Cintiq 22HD. © Avatar Z Brown.