This blog just hit 10,000 followers.

Thank you to everyone in the Canadian community on tumblr (and to those international who are interested in Canadian issues) for supporting my blogging.

I never thought this blog would ever become this popular when I made it last April.

I really enjoy running this blog, and hitting this milestone is great.

So this is my summer follow forever with my faves/friends

I want to thank y’all for putting up with me (especially the ones who’ve been putting up with me for years wow) 

i love you all so so much and im so happy we’re friends (if we are friends) also you’re the best <333

(i probably forgot someone omg so message me ok)

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 Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo everyone!!

 I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time within the Naruto RP community for the month or so I’ve been here. You’ve all brought me joy, tears, and several other emotions through RPs and general discussions about things.

 I guess I should stop gushing though and let the rest of this follow forever talk though, right?

Hokage’s Special Unit! ( aka people i have on skype laughs )

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Carriers of the Will of Fire!

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 Once again, you’re all absolutely lovely and I’m hoping to spend much more time here!! ; v;

 { Art credit! }

Привет всем!

A couple of weeks ago Russian Grammar hit 10,000 followers!

I started this blog four years ago, while I was prepping for my A-Level exams and never expected it to become this popular! I just want to say a special thank you to Margarita, the other mod, for being such a fantastic person, and of course, to all of you followers for existing!

As a side note, I just graduated from an undergraduate degree in Russian and French and I’ll be moving to China at the start of September to do an MA in China Studies. I’ll try to carry on posting on this blog to keep my Russian up if I can, but I don’t know if I’ll have direct or complete access to Tumblr while I’m there. Fingers crossed.

Огромное вам спасибо! Happy learning!


(P.S. If you would like to join Russian Grammar as a moderator, send us a message and we’d be super grateful to have you on board!)


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 607:
Hollywood Back Lot Brawl:
Goldust Vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

WWF WrestleMania 12 [March 31st, 1996]

When Roddy Piper was made the acting president of the WWF, the Hollywood-lusting Goldust saw the actor/wrestler as a point of interest, sharing his affections with Piper. Roddy made it known that he wasn’t interested, which infuriated Goldust who struck Piper. The two fought briefly and Piper made the match, which would wind up being one of the most infamous battles in WWF history. Goldust has cited that this match was what made his character, which Piper was known for doing (just ask the Hulkster). Enjoy!