1000 years bts

Dating Them Includes - Taehyung

(It’s time my children)

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  • Getting to hear that delicious deep voice everyday
  • Having to yank him away any time there’s children around
  • Jagi, lets make a baby
  • The offer is tempting but nO
  • Him constantly pulling your hat over your eyes
  • Second hand embarrassment 10067% of the time
  • “Taehyung no”
  • “taEHYUNG NO
  • Him constantly having to have some kind of physical contact with you- whether its hand holding or back hugging
  • You could be in a pitch black, dead silent room and grab a hand and know immediately that it was his
  • Wanting to adopt all the dogs
  • Your heart breaking because, no, Taehyung, we can’t adopt all the dogs
  • Not really arguing much
  • I mean you’d def get annoyed with him sometimes and yell at him
  • But he’d never yell back at you
  • Confiding in you when everything is becoming too much for him
  • Doing everything you can to help him relax and feel better
  • Super supportive, like y’all might as well be a damn iron beam supporting the physical structure of your love
  • Having Taehyung fuck you though
  • Would be a damn event
  • That tongue itself is an eVENT
  • Doesn’t stop either till you’re pretty much crying, it’s his thing
  • Having a really fun, but also really warm, relationship. Sometimes you guys seem like best friends, sometimes like soulmates who’ve been together for 1000 years

「visual music by shinee」 ♡ jacket shooting / mv bts
dazzling girl / 1000年、ずっとそばにいて / boys meet u


Q: What’s great about the members?
Rap Monster: Suga hyung is a music partner. He’ll notice that things that I overlook. 
Suga: I highly look forward to his music talents. It feels really relaxing to be with him. Also it’s amazing that he’ll be able to finish something no matter what happens. (trans.)
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