1000 wars

1000. Fleur and Viktor attended Harry's wedding. Before the reception ended, the three champions gathered behind the tent with champagne and privately toasted to Cedric's memory.

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I had no original intention of doing a not-chibi version of this, but, well, obviously my muse had other plans.  I mean are we really surprised by this honestly???  xD

(more Thrawn fanart)

Chris Palmer: He’s looking at Keith

Jeremy: Space Ranger Partners

Me: So what I’m hearing is Shklance is going to be canon. 

what if when rey faces snoke kylo decides to turn on him too bc rey has pulled him to the light side and then they fight side-by-side together until rey manages to kill snoke, but gets severly injured as well and kylo thinks she’s dying and he thanks her and apologizes for everything and cries and begs her to live and that everything’s his fault AND .  …     ! ! 


  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: it's been 1000 days since MCR's breakup. I don't know how we've survived. food supply is running low, and so is our stock of eyeliner. if we don't starve to death first, we might get shot by someone else bringing up their breakup, or possibly have no eyeliner left. it is so cold out here. thankfully, our black clothes provide a little warmth, but it is not enough. please send help immediately

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