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Please imagine long after the war, Shepard and Garrus pick up dancing as a hobby. Since their little tango on the citadel, they’ve longed to experience it again - the way their bodies moved together, how it expressed emotions better than words could, how it felt like it was just them.

For someone who could never really dance by herself, Shepard’s a quick learner when it comes to dancing with the one she loves and trusts above any other.

They enjoy it so much they decide to enter a dancing competition. Something different, but rewarding. And at every show, no matter what style the dance is or even if they stuff up, they captivate the audience. There’s just something about the two of them dancing together, something so intimate, so real, so… right.

They don’t care if they win. They try, sure, but at the end of the day, they just enjoy the experience as a couple. They couldn’t ask for more.




I know I usually have a cute piece of art to put up here but my hubby is already hard at work for that and it will take some time, but I just couldn’t wait to thank you all! You all bring me such great joy and I hope that I bring some sort of happiness to your lives in whatever small way that I can. 

So now is the time for some shoutouts to the peeps on here that help make my world spin, friends and creators alike!

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Martin Freeman:/Martin Readman

Q: “Did you read the Hobbit as a kid? ”

MF: “I was always a reader, I was always reading books but I was reading George Orwell at the time, more into that, probably less fantasy”

Q: “What’s the best stuff you’ve got? ”

MF: “Clothes and Records, Clothes Records and books”

MF: “I read ‘Animal Farm’ when I was 11, and it remained my favorite book, really.”


favourite character meme: [1/6] scenes

Morgana not taking Uther’s shit, aka don’t try to convince me she was the villain!

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I would die for you and your whole family like 1000 times I love you guys so much, you make me happy

(( OOC: Whoa now… I appreciate the sentiment, but let’s not have anyone dying on us… that would be a bad plan. )) 

Hey everyone, Mod Wesley here !! We recently got an ask requesting that we signal boost something relating to current events. And while we acknowledge the importance of spreading awareness of said issue, it is incredibly triggering and even with the addition of trigger warnings, we are also trying to keep in mind the fact that many people don’t use blacklisting applications (especially when using mobile) and instead rely on being selective about the blogs they follow. So while we understand the gravitas of the situation, in order to continue keeping this blog a safe space for our followers, we will not be reblogging posts about said issue. 

If you’d like to know what’s going on, message me on my main blog (@moonbeamroses​) and I can give you a list of applicable trigger warning and then link you to posts explaining what’s going on, if you’d like. 

Thank you all for your understanding !! 💜💜💜💜💜

TL;DR: We will not be reblogging or signal boosting triggering content to this blog, to ensure it remains a positive safe space.

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The Toki Project - Week 6 : March 19th- March 26th

Until April, I will try to draw as many different Tokiya pictures as I can, all with different outfits and themes. I take a bit of freedom with the weeks…I just try to upload them 4 at a time. That seems like a good deal, I think.

Here are the themes of the sixth week:

21 - Maji Love 1000%

22 - Mighty Aura

23 - Crystal Time

24 - Shining Live

I’ve been wondering what to do with Mighty Aura since before I started this series. In the end, it became something quite different from my initial idea. It’s based on my favourite screenshot from MLLS too.

You may not upload these pictures on other websites, alter, edit or claim them as your own in any way. If you like them, however, please consider reblogging these. It would mean a lot to me. The other weeks too…

week 1   week 2   week 3   week 4  week 5

maybe the little bruises and cuts that show up on your body seemingly out of nowhere are actually little injuries that happened to your soulmate and you get the same marks on your skin as them