1000 the animated series


A dragon trapped inside of a body of a human must do 1000 acts of repentance to regain his original form and joined by a clandestine group of mystical agents who protect the planet from the demons, aliens, and spirits that threaten our world.

This is the premise of 1000, an animated microseries created and produced by Secret Sauce (a new animation house founded by comic vet Sanford Greene,Jeff Lai, LD Walker, Chuck Brown, and David Chung, among others). Their ultimate goal is to get enough funding to make eight 90-second shorts, approximately 15 minutes of quality action-animation.

But the Secret Sauce crew can’t make it without your help. Sanford Greene just launched a Kickstarter for 1000 this week (July 1, 2013) and set a fundraising goal of $60,000.

I wish them much look. So far, I’m impressed.

And while you’re at it, follow 1000 Acts on Tumblr. It’s Secret Sauce’s concept/sketch blog.