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anonymous asked:

Can you two kiss but ON THE LIPS THIS TIME

Dipper: ////////

Bill: *smug*

In celebration of the new episode today- Woo! Bill reappearing after a whole year! Plus we surpassed the 1000 follower count today- THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧ (and no school today dang this is amazing!)

-Admins <3

nneka8  asked:

Karl Sama, do you remember your birthday? I'm only wondering because you've been around for years and I've heard some vampires that are past 1000 years old tend to stop counting the years. Plus, I wanna get ya something 😊 you and Richter.

Karl: indeed, i have long forgotten when exactly my birthday is. so nowadays i normally just claim it’s my birthday whenever i’m feeling a little left out or lonely

edjoshi  asked:

So here, I'm reading the profiles of the clowns, then I remembered that Nico mentioned about the One Eyed King, he told Souta that there is no OEK. And then I got to the profile of Arima.a question suddenly pops in my mind. What do you think of Arima being the one eyed king, or if not the king, then as a one eyed ghoul? (I know that every hint given for the identity of the OEK points out to Eto.. But..but..)

(It has been like a month that I’ve received this ask but I’m finally going to answer this. :x)

Warning: This is going to be a really long post because I thought that the topic mentioned was rather interesting (and also because I have no idea how to cut my answer shorter).

While the main question was whether Arima could be a One-Eyed Ghoul (OEG) or OEK, I think we should also discuss why Nico told Souta the OEK doesn’t exist and if Eto = OEK (since they are related, sort of).

  1. Why Nico told Souta there’s no OEK
  2. Eto =/= OEK
  3. Arima as a ghoul
  4. Arima as OEK

(Some theories listed may sound ridiculous, but I’ll put them here anyway as long as there’s a possibility.)

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