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i finally made my own glitter jar !!


 🎶music – zZz by droeloe🎶

the nordics as that person in everyone’s friend group

aph finland: the cheerful one who is literally always eating and never gets in arguments with anybody

aph sweden: the mother. Did you pull an all-nighter? Sweden’s gonna make you a makeshift bed and force you to sleep. forgot your lunch? Don’t worry, he’s packed extra sandwiches. don’t have your coat? Sweden will scold the hell outa you and then force you to stay inside or give you his.

aph norway: the one with the really dry sense of humour who doesn’t talk much and is always tired

aph iceland: iceland is the little baby of the group. everyone feeds him and shelters him from the world because he is too innocent, too pure

aph denmark: everyone: “demark no!” denmark: “dENMARK YES”

Colored Chandelier
Halsey vs. Sia
Colored Chandelier

Acapella: Halsey - Colors; Sia - Chandelier

Instrumental: Sia - Chandelier

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here is how I make my slime ! 💚
✨first, I mix 1 tablespoon of glue with a little less than 4 tablespoons of water 

✨once those are mixed together I add any glitter that I want 

✨after i mix the glitter I add a bit less than 1 tablespoon of borax powder [EDIT: you can replace borax with liquid starch to produce a pretty similar result]

✨the borax takes a long time to mix in, sometimes you might have to use your hands and get a little messy!

 ✨sometimes you may need to add more water, I add a few drops at a time to make sure it doesn’t get too wet

 ✨letting the slime sit for a few hours (or even a few days) makes it a lot more stretchy, you may have to be patient! 

✨I add essential oils to my slime so it doesn’t just smell like glue, this is purely for my own enjoyment it has nothing to do with the recipe

✨please let me know if you have any questions !

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: The Troubadour’s Songbook by avvoltoio

“A collection of secular music from the High and Late Middle Ages (1000-1400). The mix features songs in vernacular from many different areas of Western Europe, as well as a few songs from the Byzantine and Islamic Empires.”

GUILLAUME DE MACHAUT - De Fortune Me Doi Plaindre Et Loer
Ciarlatani, I - Ach owe, daz nach liebe ergat
Arabo - andalusian 13th c. : Nuba Ushshak - mîzân qá'im wa-nisf
England - Anon. 1265 : Worldes blis ne last no throwe
Kitka - Bailemos nos ja todas
Francesco Landini (c.1325 - 1397): Adiu, adiu dous dame
Ey Dervişler - Hüseyni ilâhi - Yunnus Emre (Ilâhileri), Turkey, 13th c
Beatriz de Dia - A chantar m'er de so q
Waverly Consort - Ecco La Primavera
Carmina Burana (Anon.11 - 13th c.) - CB 200: Bache, bene venies
Miraval (1165 - 1229): Cel que no volh auzir chanssos
Christodoulos Halaris - The Nightingales of the East
Els Trobadors - Tant M'Abelis
Brunwart von Augheim, 13th c. - Willekomen si der sumer schoene
Akira Tachikawa - Esperance
Laude novella - Laudario di Cortona, Italy, 13th c

idk what I love more, Percy’s actor switching the actual line to “awww but they’re just a bunch of little white kids” and Charon’s missing her reply from the shock and saying “WELL OF COURSE THEY ARE” in 7 PM concert, or him delivering the real line and her missing hers again from laughing that he left it untouched in the 9:30 PM concert