1000 miles away from you

stay 1000 miles away from me at all times if you think straight men looking at “lesbian” porn is any sort of barometer of acceptance toward lesbian sexuality.

Even though you may be 1000s of miles away from each other, your hearts will always be together.
Have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Here’s a little dedication to one of my long time OTPs. ^_^

Baby Girl (part four)

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This is set after 12.02.

Summary: Mary comes back from Heaven and learns more about her sons than she ever thought she’d know.

Pairing: Dean x Reader.

Warning: nothing.

You were freezing as you woke up in a ditch somewhere. You were soaking wet and in some white muumuu, that you weren’t sure how you got into.

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Here I am
A thousand miles away from you
I understand, I will have to deal without you