1000 man


I can’t believe that a couple of casting choices turned my interest in Spider-Man from 1 to 1000

Today I finally went to the SnK exhibit at the IG Store. I’ve been meaning to go since it opened but didn’t have the time until now. You’ve probably already seen dozens of photos about it, just like I did, but I wasn’t ready for what this little exhibit really is. Mainly because you can’t take photos or videos of the Real Deal. As you can see, behind that gorgeous Levi stand, the real-life reproduction of the 3DMG and the poster for Season 3, there are some artworks.

In the case at the center of the room, a total of 24 Levi’s iconic moments from Season 1 and 2 make an appearance. Truly magnificent.

On the far wall, there are 25 of the best scenes from Season 2 right next to their sketched versions, with little annotations from animators.

A really nice touch was the Original Soundtrack playing in the background. (It’s almost obvious because, at every Shingeki exhibit/event I go, music from the anime is always playing one way or another, but from the photos, you can’t tell and you probably didn’t know. It’s so nice!)

A few close-ups.

This man is so gorgeous, who gave him the right, I’m so mad!!! Okay, jokes aside, at the bottom there is a little plaque that says “Taking photos is OK. Touching him is OK, too.” and wow…THEY KNOW. But, no, I didn’t touch him. I wanted to, don’t get me wrong. But I am not worthy of touching this angel. (The truth is: I was sure that if I did it, I wouldn’t have been able to suppress a squeal.)

Pretty cool, but I had already seen it at the Skytree Exhibit, although it was in a glass case and I couldn’t take a proper photo at the time. 

And then, on the far left, there was what I like to call, The Shrine. I want to kiss whoever made this, really. On top of this, a wall of messages from fans for Levi’s birthday. Every message was so full of love, Levi come back soon please we miss you.

“Captain Levi, Happy Birthday!!” (Forgive the bad quality of the photo above, I was happy and excited…)

There was also a pile of leaflets advertising the next gatcha in the Chain Puzzle game. The Shiganshina Trio is truly adorable, dressed up to celebrate the new year!

And that’s it for the exhibit part. After that, I went to the actual store and bought Levi’s tea (again), which contains only 5 tea bags, but the metal box makes up for the price, and the official anime illustrations book, which is massive, I did not expect that! And the artworks in it are amazing. I wasn’t sure about it but turns out I really love it, I definitely recommend it if you have 15$ to waste on merch!

A close-up of the tea box:

And finally, Levi’s postcards. 1 for free every 1000 yen. This man is a masterpiece.

the main reason I love alex ovechkin is that he’s so unapologetic for who he is?? he’s a really really good player and he knows that very well, and he loves himself and isn’t afraid to show that to people. still, he isn’t selfish, he cares about others - his teammates, fans etcetc. and it’s wonderful

and i’m like…..so done seeing people call him a douche for recognizing the talent in himself and bringing that up. besides, he wouldn’t be where he is now without the effort his brother sergei, who passed away when alex was 10, put into getting him to practice and I think that most of his love for himself and his talent is also love for his brother. one of his childhood friends has even said that sergei is the reason why alex is so passionate on the ice and I just?? how COULD you still dislike this man


on the eighth day of firthmas my true love gave to me…

eight funny faces

seven pairs of glasses, six colins punching, five wet white shirts, four swear words, three offspring, two different darcys, and a ridiculous reindeer jumper


“If I saw a person smile, that to me was payment in itself. If I could make them laugh when they were very sad, it was the greatest payment to me.”

-The Man of 1000 voices, Mel Blanc

“He devoted a lot of time to ailing children in hospitals. I think he really had a great affect in doing so, even if it just made them feel better for just a minute, he did. We had to try to get him to leave first of all, he would spend all day doing it. There would be times I would say, ‘Mel, we gotta go, it’s getting dark, we have to get back on the road.’ When there were children in that situation you couldn’t get him to walk away.”

-Assistant to Mel Blanc, Sophia Sprock