1000 iso

Ruffed Grouse
A ruffed grouse I found near the Coyote Creek Road a couple of days ago.
Nikon D7100, Manual Mode, Tamron 150-600mm VC, F/6.3, ISO-1000, ET 1/100, Focal Length 550mm, Hand Held Vibration Control on

Week 12: Spring Time - Outdoor Photography

Canon Rebel T5i | f/4 | 1/1000 sec. | ISO 200 | 50mm

Tillandsia. Cute little airplants that are everywhere in Florida.  You can’t walk by a tree without seeing one.  I love them!  I was going to show off our exotic flowers, but….we don’t have any.  I feel like everything is green here. Weeds too. I actually took pictures of some weeds!  My neighbors haven’t mowed their lawn since Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll show off those pictures on my main blog. lol  - MT