So I hit 1,000 followers today. A small mark compared to many, but nevertheless an important milestone. I was digging through my Lightroom catalog earlier and found this picture, untouched and skipped over. After editing it and spending some time with it, it’s definitely become one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. I can’t think of a better picture to share today. Thank you to everyone who continues to follow me and appreciate my work. It’s humbling.


Here’s my Thank You Gift to you guys, a Relativity Falls edit of the Gravity Falls Season 2 poster.

Click Here for Higher Quality.

Thank you @gargrunk and @droosy for this wonderful AU and for giving me your blessing to make this blog. (Yes, I was anon who ask that.)

Thank you dear followers and fellow Relativity fans for the making this AU expand and grow thought your wonderful fan art and ideas.

Keep up the good work and have a nice day. :)

Your mod, @lawliet-saw-whet.

The Stans twins design is loosely based on @sphinxford‘s version here. Edit by @lawliet-saw-whet.


Today this blog just reached 1000 Followers!  I remember when I received 7 notes and 5 followers after one of my very first posts and I was so excited!  I couldn’t believe that people were also interested in something that I was so passionate about.

Now look a where we are: countless boat rides, tummy tickles, bed rolls, moped rides, one puppy, and of course hundreds of kisses later.  One thousand of us bound together by our love for these two goofs! Thanks :)

Karamatsu Gem~ ?

Pffft she wears sunglasses over her visor what a dork. Also i just recently reached 1000 followers! I’m just flabbergasted. Thank you all so much!! Here’s a mush of my two fav things lol