When I started my tumblr I never dreamed of getting 100 followers, let alone 1000! It’s very flattering that so many people think it’s worth keeping tabs on what I post. It’s also a bit intimidating, lol. I’ve never really shared a follower’s gift, I -have- posted things with a “thanks for following” tag. This is different. This is an honest to god Follower’s Gift. Thank You so, so much for sticking with me. <3

This is a little set consisting of a table, chair, barstool, a wall lamp and a ceiling lamp. I wanted the wall lamp for myself and added the rest as I went along.


The chair is slaved to the table; the barstool is slaved to the table AND the chair (for the cushion); the ceiling lamp is slaved to the wall lamp. So you do have to have the table for the chair and barstool to work and the chair for the barstool to work also. (Sorry about that but I really do like to repository stuff. I can cram more in my dl folder that way!)

The wall lamp will shift up just fine BUT can only be shifted down ONCE before it turns dark.


The table can be found in Surfaces>Table for 175 Simoleons and is 522 polys; the chair can be found in Seating>Dining Room for 145 Simoleons and is 698 polys; the barstool can be found in Seating>Misc for 155 Simoleons and is 698 polys; the wall lamp can be found in Lighting>Walllamp for 75 Simoleons and is 864 polys; the ceiling lamp can be found in Lighting>Ceilinglamp for 75 Simoleons and is 832 polys.


The recolors are separate packages, which hopefully makes up in a small way for the lack of screenshots. Feel free to throw out any you don’t want or toss them in the bin in game. The table/chair/barstool legs (and table top) all have the metal and wood recolors because I liked the way the woods looked on the legs. Since the metal -is- shiny, that may look odd if you use them outside. Then again, if you like odd.. you may like that look. :D


1000 followers, where do I even begin? Around the end of December, I hit 100 followers, and in three months I gained 900 more, I don’t even understand how but thank you so much. It truly means so much to me. 1000 people is like 2/3 of my high school and that’s crazy to me, so thank you all so, so much!! <3 I literally just did my 700 followers follow forever like 3 weeks ago but let’s get this show on the road…

amazing mutuals and/or friends:

// alecdoesnotmakepie // arcticphan // avaz40 // beth-ah-nee //bonfirephan // britishtea1sugar // blossomhowell // brandnewbronny // damndanandphil // dan-meme // deadbeatdisco // dimple-harry // emejig16 // eternallyphan // existentialdaniel // fire-breathing-misfit // fireworksphan // godzillable // gnarly-whiskers  // howellfornia // howellsmovingcastlle // im-a-moonchild // its-just-a-phantasy // iliketorunlikeahorse // i-make-doodles-lol // japanphan // joellethenerd // lolzorlester // madphan // meow-fangirl-meow // mermaidphil // onixn // ohphil // phabulously //phan-is-in-the-tardis // phan-all-the-way // phancysomewhiskers // phanissailing // phanks-fr-th-mmrs // phantabulous-killjoy // phan-whishes // phils-houseplant // pure-phantasy // quiffdanandphil // soffpop // sprfrt // suchphanveryhomo // thepanphan // whisker-me-up //

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my home skillets:

burgersforkitties DEJA!!! <333 I can’t believe we’ve only been talking for just over a month because it seems like so much longer! I love you so much, and I’m so glad that we become friends because of that hilarious tomodatchi post (even though, you want it to die). Thank you for all the laughs and fangirling over phan. I am going to tackle hug you one day and I will never let go<3

myamazingphilip Lyle!! My love!! <3 You were my first proper friend on tumblr and you are so, so kind and caring. From the moment we started talking, you have been nothing but the sweetest person ever. Thank you for always letting me talk about whatever, whenever, it is honestly so nice of you. Je t’adore avec tout mon coeur<333 SOON.

family by phan!! our group chats are honestly the best and i love all of you guys so much, you guys mean so much to me<3

// snokoplosm // maybeimdrowning // phan-all-the-way // broadcat // frantasticphanandtroyler // those-phangirls // humourandtroyleryoutube // elleyoutubeaddict // phans-assthetic // 1blink82 // we-are-unlimited // phxnstrxylr // autumnunknown // timelady-ks // happylittlehowell // danphilicdesu // troyes-touch // poisonedappleprincess // phangirlshipper // 

the dil squad (i’m really sorry i haven’t been active in the group chat but my kik app is really slow and crashes whenever i try to open it :/)

friends irl:

itsjayquellen i’m glad that you’re living life by the three ps: potatoes, puns and phan. see you at school tomorrow, sharpay evans ;) <3

oliveflavouredlambchops thank you for putting up with my annoying fangirling for years. i love youuuu, see you tomorrow d00d :))) <3

sc77ya hannah!!! aren’t you excited to do our synchronized swimming routine tomorrow?!??!?!?! omg!!! I know I am!! <3 ;)

I actually hit 1000 followers on Sunday, March 29th but it took me a while to make this! I am definitely forgetting some people, sorry I was rushing to finish this! :) <3


1000 followers!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
Oh my gosh!! I really never thought I would get this far!! Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much!!!! And on my birthday no less! You guys are the best! I can’t believe there are people out there who love foxes as much as I do! This is incredible! :D
And there will be plenty more foxes to come!

I got 1,000 followers!!

Oh my, wow, this happened a lot sooner than I thought. Thanks to everyone that follows me, I appreciate that shit.

Also I said I was going to do a cool thing when I got 1,000 followers, I’ll probably do a shout out thing, but I have no idea how I would do that so I’m still trying to figure that out.

And I took a selfie when I first saw it because I wanted to remember how happy I was when I hit quadruple digits.

So yeah, I love all of you, and until next time byeeee!! 💕💕


5x06 (TOW the Yeti)

One of my favorite tiny Mondler moments. It happened during the early stages of Monica and Chandler’s relationship, I have no idea if it was scripted or not and I guess Chandler wasn’t seriously thinking about marriage, but the fact that he instictively looked at Monica is enough for me. Plus, she must have noticed him glancing at her; she turns her head towards him a little in the end! :)
~ (x) requested by ideasofhappyness ~

1000 followers wow that happened a lot faster then i was expecting to that is for sure I don’t normally post so much skin but this is a big milestone!! Now offline for the day so so I don’t have to look at my boobs lol Thank you to each and everyone of my followers including the undercover kinky yes I know your out there lol Have a great day!! #happymom #naughtymom #wednesday #1000 #me

35 freakin ponies. This was like 14 HOURS OF WORK RIGHT HERE. But was it worth it? HELLS YEAH. You guys are always worth it <3

Featured, in no order whatsoever, are:

ask-paradox-ponyoccherrydethklop, asklovelylaughter, askthecookieponyask-johnnyask-nerdy-twilightask-crueljoke, ask-kellicponyask-hiimineask-rubyrueplaywithfluttershyaskbattyshy, askfuselight, ask-commander-shield-scalesask-opalescent-pearl, ask-sugarberry, winged-cross, question-seth, ask-luna-bagel, ask-ash-in-equestria, ask-pegasus-lola, dileak, askneonflight, askcurlycue, mlp-constructive-critiques, flutterpillow, autumnbramble, asksinderskull, askflutterpsycho, askdeserteagle, indiefoxtail, ask-passion-peach.

Thank you all so much for following me! /)^3^(\

(Big version)



I just reached 1K followers! This is nutts! I”m really happy there’s so many people interested in my stuff and I’d like to take a momment and thank you all for the support and the rebloggs and likes! Really mean a lot! Thanks!

Since we’re on a landmark here, I was thinking of doing a reblog raffle.

Since I have some comissions I need to get done (and an art trade with Master Jesse ‘Jouste’ Turner) I’m going to work this prize like this:

Reblog and like this post if you’d like to take part

I’m drawing 3 Animated character for 3 randomly chosen notes on this post’s notes!

If you like and reblog, that counts as 2 entries, and that’s okay!

As soon as I pick the winners I’ll message them and see what’d they like to see animated as a game sprite! <3

If you’d like some reference on what’ll the prize looks like, check here.

Thank you so much, everyone! :) I hope you guys stick around for the next landmarks! <3

The winners will be picked on FEBRUARY 1ST! I’ll check how many notes the post has by then and I’ll randomly choose the winners! :)


Sigfodr’s 1,000 Follower Giveaway!

I just hit 1,000 followers and thank you all for following a completely random personal blog!  This thing is all over the place, and I don’t know why you hang around, but thanks for doing so.  I probably won’t hit a bigger milestone, so I wanted to do a big giveaway.  One winner will get to chose from the top list of prizes, while three others will get prizes based on their blog I either find in my apartment (I have a lot of still packaged video game and geek stuff) or go out and buy.

Reblog and like to enter.  Multiple reblogs count, up to 3.  Mutuals that enter get one extra entry.  I hope that doesn’t seem unfair, but this is a “Thank you” to the people that have made tumblr awesome for me, which is also the reason for the next rule.

The first winner MUST have been following me before this post was made, meaning only my first 1,001 followers qualify.  That person will get to choose from four options:

  1. A copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition on any platform, disc or digital.  Orders will be placed before the game comes out, so you should get it on launch day.
  2. The Seneschal Pack (I named it that!): The DA:I artbook, the DA:I mug, and a mabari plush (you could also switch out the plush or the mug with one of the Dragon Age novels)
  3. Three months of Loot Crate.
  4. An art commission from anyone, with price to be discussed if you choose this option.  Basically, I’ll pay and you make your request, assuming the artist is open to that exchange.

The three random prizes (or prize packs) are open to anyone, except giveaway blogs.  Winners don’t choose these prizes, I just try to make the best choice I can based on your blog - it could end up being entirely disappointing!  (I hope not)

I’ll choose the winners on Halloween, cause this is tumblr and it’s apparently everyone’s favorite holiday.  YOU HAVE UNTIL HALLOWEEN TO ENTER.

I’ll also follow all winners forever.  Because you’re awesome.

Message me if you have any questions and I’ll make adjustments as needed.  Boring disclaimer: I reserve the right to change the rules and prizes.


- This is for Bunny Fortress 2 - blog’s followers only!

- You must have TF2 - OC (duh)

- Both reblogs and likes counts, but don’t spam your followers and no giveaway blogs!


- Your OC with 1-3 bunnies from the blog

- You can decide the situation they are in

- Your character can have up to 3 items from the game (hats etc.)


- I will not draw NSFW stuff with my buns! (cuddling is okay)

- You can design your OC as bunny or let me do it or we can do it together

Ends February 15, 6 PM (GMT +1)

Remember to keep your ask box open and if I don’t get answer in 48 hours after this raffle has ended, I pick a new winner. Thank you! :>

It happened!

I’ve just passed 1000 followers…how, what, when, why, how?!?

I should do something now shouldn’t I? But I don’t have any stuff to give away and I don’t know how that promo thing works…

Wait, come to think of it I do give stuff away, all the time actually, in the form of my writing: smutty and less smutty, one shots and multi chapters, Tom, Loki, Adam, Oakley and Thomas Sharpe, you can find them all right here: http://mywritingsblog.tumblr.com

Good, so now I avoided doing a giveaway and promoted myself, I’m sure that’s not the right way to do this…

Here’s what I am going to do: I am going to thank you, every single one of you, I know some of you better than others but please know that every new follower puts a smile on my face and I appreciate you all and am always looking forward to getting to know you better.
Talk to me, about anything not just Tom related stuff, tag me in your posts (you follow me, you know what I like), let me know if you want me to tag you in stuff, if you want me to follow you back just ask and I will, don’t ever be shy with me! (seriously I’m shy enough for the both of us!)

I may be here for Tom but I’m just as much here for the interaction, it’s what makes this whole thing worth staying!

So to prove to you all exactly how thankful I am, let me show you some torture love:

(pics and gifs not mine)

Alright, somebody stop me! I had a point but what was it again…oh yes:

xdelayedgratification nats-little-fantasy-world jossisgod larouau12 wherewellshine sigyn-hiddleston damageditem ladywyldfire vampirewithbedsidemanners mizz-vincent legion567 2thfairie andlifeisgrand andryehll antyc67 catedevalois jrgggggg999999 ladyoftheteaandblood annedeadly mypreciousmind1 bat-crazydoll8 curator-at-large megsesvids d-m-jonas frenchfrostpudding hellothereyoubeautifulcreature tomforachange hiddlestories iamtopdrawer incredifishface littletime67 loki-in-winterfell maneth985 nwadadnama quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks so-easy-to-love-me

It’s that time again. Hard to believe that a tumblr account I made as a joke has a thousand followers now. Hell I don’t even know a thousand people. I think only three thousand people went to my high school. So 1/3 of my high school in number follows me. That’s crazy.

In the ten months since I started this blog I’ve made 17,000 posts, several gifs, tons of art appreciation posts, and a dozen friends. I’ve also started following some really cool blogs.

Speaking of, I guess that’s what this is. Another Follow Forever. My last one only had some recent additions and new mutuals. This time I’m going to post 100 blogs I follow! These guys and gals are really cool, if you’re not following them you should probably check them out.

# - F

1fire0red1, acceleroid, ale1152, alphastigma117, altenis, animepenguin, artifedex, b-animedude-z, behindthebarricades, boozahaha, byzantine-spook-machine, captaincrunchmakesmebleed, chitogethebutt, clannadaddicts, coalgirlscup-a-boob, cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga, cutegirlsdoingcutethings, deophobic, dorkykillualien, draco—meteor, fergthrillar, fucktsunderes/deathbyyuri

G - M

girlfromillusionaryworld, gurrenlagging, hallowweeb, homuism, hopeissuffering, ice-queen-esdese, incessantrains, izuiki, jbl-elitest, joestarss, justcallmekouhai, justcallmetsundere, killogiq, kimoforce, kitten-pixel, komikan, lagiacrus32, lilium, literallytheworstblogger, lucyheartfilialover, madoka-daily, magicflier, megaboy335, messingo, metaskeletons, mizukami-sakura, more-moe-more-problems

N - S

na-na-ka, nishinomaru, nlghtklng, nootnyoom, notthatspoopy, nubbify, ominous-misaka, onee-samaaa, pixeldrako, pod7, psychopass, readingsteiner, s-s-s-spooky-cactus, sailorjeiku, silvertsundere, siruth, spoochiet, spookehwilleh, spookiesaremy42, spookiochi-senpai, spooky-scary-anime-boo, spookynahtewh, spoopymunchor, spoopyworld, suggestivesloth

T - Z

tachibana-marika, thatonegayotaku, the-ghost-of-321123, thedutchdon, theeuphonious, theletterboo, tippy-the-rabbit, triforce06, uselesscookies, virat, werewoflie, yanagi-nagi, zapdfox

Fuck all you guys with those holiday URLs. Look how ridiculous my N - S section looks.

Anyway, thank all of you for following me! I appreciate all of you.

So I know it says Falling-for-john and right now I’m 221baubles but I thought I might as well do it under my actual URL

Thank you to all my followers for getting me to 1000 (1003 as I’m making this) you’re all so wonderful ^.^

These are a list of people that make my dash a brilliant place for me :)

Special shout out to 2-2-1-baubles because Emily can never get enough love 

(Mutuals bolded)

# - d

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Sorry if I’ve left anyone out, just ask me an I’ll put you in ^.^


So, today I hit 1000 followers! It just passed 2 months and 3 days since I started to take tumblr seriously, thanks for following me, liking and reblogging my posts! i’m very glad, so this is my first follow forever that includes mutuals and non-mutuals, thanks to kirarenea, gioisepic, greenirish7 and moe-moe-nyaa by be my biggest “fans” >/////<

Mutuals (They’re in the ff too)

akagatari | alphastigma117 | arminarleto | bootymonogatari | brooxd | desu-kawaii-chan | fangirlingsilently | freeandshonenspirit | hirokoe | ipscell | iyru | koyomichan | makidesuuuuuu | mayor-colossus | midorimaspencil | moe-moe-nyaa | nyanberry | onee-samaaa | oogoediamondd | patchipenguin | pr1nc3-ed | robo27 | rx-zer0 | ryou-chann | shinobukaka | simplykasumi | tippy-the-rabbit | transparentsilhouettes | tsunovel | typical-senpai | x-kagura-x | your-beutyfrompain | yuukimar | zsaber327 |



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Gif by: me uwu

Thank you so much >////< see ya!