1000 days of art



(AGAIN) (for day 7 of @omgericzimmermann​‘s 13 days of halloween!)

read under the cut for way too many witchy headcanons that influenced these drawings:

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Almost recovered, but still tired - so have an unambitious piece of quick concept art.   This is a large ‘monitor’ - a type of vessel designed purely for bombardment and nothing else.  The Royal Navy pioneered the type in WWI by mounting surplus battleship turrets on specialized hulls, though the concept of the specialized bombardment ship dates at least to the bomb vessels created by the French in the late 1600s.

Such vessels are a much more cost-effective way of bringing highly mobile artillery onto the land front than using capital ships for bombardment purposes.

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Clip Studio Paint, Cintiq 22HD. © Avatar Z Brown

I am pretty speechless at this point, I mean… wow. I never ever thought that this account would get 1000 followers. I am so grateful for everything and everyone. Geez, I don’t even know what to say at this point. I am just very, very grateful and I hope you all have a wonderful day/night! Thank you so god damn much!

Love and support artists

It actually really frustrates me when I see amazing beautiful art that has fewer notes than some of my posts. Like before I made this blog I’d see artists saying they didn’t have enough notes on things and I sympathised but I didn’t really get it. Now that I have quite a few posts with over 1000 notes it really puts it in perspective.

How is it fair that I can write a single sentence or do a quick two minute edit and get 1k+ notes and an artist who spent hours on a piece of artwork gets only 300? Like if I was an artist I’d be so mad about that!

So I just want to remind people to please reblog art that you enjoy! Likes are great, but reblogs are what really get work out there and enable other people to enjoy it and pass it on even further. And if you can’t reblog for whatever reason (like I don’t really reblog nsfw because I want to keep my blog lower rated) then please do like it or leave a comment on it! Be kind to artists. Love them. They deserve all the goodness we can offer


this one has bg music fyi. the camera stopped recording before i finished, so this is what got saved :/ just like the previous video, i only used 2 pens and water

(dont let me fool you drawing without a sketch it’s hard)

(i give up with tumblr)

more videos like these here !  

confessionforanothertime  asked:

Maybe some shippy Wash/Grey? Congrats on the thousand followers :D

ah i’ve never thought of wash/grey before but it’s cuTE!! !!!

thanks!! :D

cyberprincesstwilight-deactivat  asked:

Could I maybe suggest Church and Wash from eidolonally's angel au? Maybe please? There's armor but it's not as ridiculous as Halo armor is, and angel au is basically my life right now.

ooh the angel AU i’ve seen that , haven’t looked too much into it yet tho but

ooh wings!! angels!! armour! !!! yes

how do wings

so erm I actually drew this for their 1000 days but never ended up posting it here ‘cause I’m not very confident in my art at all ;; but here late happy 1000 days bangtan my loves :’)

500 days of art

and only 500 more to go!

Thank you to all who have been following my little journey here. I do have some particular goals for the next 500 days - challenging myself more! Making more comics! Trying big things and failing and posting them anyway! Drawing more things that I am scared of!

I hope to keep learning and growing and making art, whatever happens.