1000 cool points

RFA+V+Saeran react to bartender MC

Yay, my very first request! Also, thank you<3 Hope you like it!


  • Yooo he’d be so impressed
  • holy shit MC you know how to do that?!
  • +1000 cool points for MC
  • asking you to make him drinks, but nonalcoholic 
  • sometimes you secretly put in something really strong as a prank
  • with the first sip you saw his face contort 
  • laughing your ass off at said face


  • He’d ask to see all the cool tricks
  • but get nervous when you start juggling bottles
  • “MC be careful!”
  • Zen I do this for a living calm down
  • goes to the bar you work at
  • to keep you company
  • totally not to make sure no drunk guys do anything funny
  • men are wolves MC! WOLVES!


  • MC, when did you learn that????
  • has to admit, you look really attractive with your blouse, the sleeves rolled up and throwing around bottles as you make her a drink.
  • Jaehee be like *sips while swooning*
  • would ask you about putting coffee cocktails on the menu at the café
  • you’re all for it and start thinking of recipes


  • loves it 
  • so much that he installed a bar in your shared bedroom so you can make drinks for late nights ;)
  • you always greet him a well-deserved drink when he has a stressful day
  • involves you in his cat-wine-project
  • “MC is in the alcohol business, she knows best”
  • “Jumin, I don’t think I’m that qualified-”
  • “No MC I trust you”


  • MC what
  • when and how can u corporate Dhr. Pepper in a drink for him?
  • otherwise he won’t drink it
  • jk
  • asks you to make him a Dhr. Pepper cocktail with a crushed Honey Buddha Chips rim
  • “Saeyoung that sound disgusting”
  • mc pls
  • just make one for him
  • against your better judgment, you did
  • Saeyoung tasted the heavens 
  • it’s now his signature drink
  • asks you to make it for him all the time


  • wow mc, that’s really cool!
  • loves the creative aspect of it
  • tries to take action shots of you throwing bottles around and pouring stuff
  • you blindfold him(unless.. his sight… y’know) and have him taste different drinks, and guess what they are
  • for every correct answer he gets a kiss~
  • his favorite game to play tbh


  • “Oh, you know how to do that?”
  • “I guess that’s pretty cool”
  • pretty??? cool?? 
  • saeran
  • excuse you it’s awesome
  • “taste this”
  • “eh, it’s okay”
  • it has become your life mission to make a drink he likes
  • one day you make a drink
  • and he just
  • “holy shit”
  • “mc what did you put in this?!”
  • “all my love for you!” *finger hearts* 
  • Saeran visibly cringes 

also dang i try to be pretty chill about people having different opinions on their media than i do but i still feel DEEP and PERSONAL offense every time i see somebody say they think the ‘03 anime is better than brotherhood

Mikky Ekko ‘Pull Me Down’

Wow. OK I am really sorry that it is Jan 5th and everyone is miserable and all I am doing today is posting emo, gorgeous vocally stuff when I should probs be going in on psychadelia and rap or something for the greater good, but listen to this guy! His voice is glorious.

The production on this is hip-hop esque, if that helps…atmospheric and dreamy, look out for Mikky Ekko in 2013. Apparently his debut album is due out this year featuring collabs with some major producers, so he’s kind of a big deal. 

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Fryars ‘On Your Own’

Full credit for this discovery to YVYNYL, one of my fave Tumblrs of life and purveyor of the world’s most beautiful/ heartbreaking songs.

This is just gorgeous, as is the video.