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Okay sooooo… Since this is a HUGE milestone, I figured I’d do something to celebrate!!! So I will be taking requests for aesthetics and moodboards!!! You can tell me your personal aesthetics, a ship you want me to do, some other random thing, or even your OCs!!! I’ll be trying my hardest to make all of the ones you guys want!!! 

If you don’t want to see these aesthetic things I will be tagging them as “Candy’s 1k Celebration” so you can blacklist that or whatever…..

Again, thank you so much for all of this you literally have no idea how much you guys mean to me. You have helped me through so much and I have made so many amazing friends on this website and just wow. I don’t know where I’d be without y’all thank you so much love ya!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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peridot storyboard ratings

Raven Molisee

this is the best peridot i have ever seen. she is the perfect combination of angry and huggable. i would date this lovely girl. this is also the artist that boarded peridot’s introduction scene in warp tour, so she is automatically the best. 1000/10 the surperior peridot, i love her with all of my heart

Paul Villeco

a lovely, angry girl. not only is she sassy and adorable, but also those hips. got dam is she single 20/10 my girlfriend, she is wonderful

Rebecca Sugar

a very stressed and anxious girl. she is cute and sassy and she is my sweet honey child. 10/10 i would kiss her

Joe Johnston

a lovely and soft woman, she is very beautiful and cute and i would gladly kiss her hands 10/10 i cherish this triangle

Jeff Liu

she looks very grumpy and rude on the surface, but all this peridot really wants is a friend. i would be this peridot’s friend. 10/10 a gentle and insecure angel

Colin Howard

a wonderful, amazing girl!! very huggable!!!!! very squishable!!!!!! i love her!!!!! 10/10 i would give up my life for her

Lamar Abrams

woah!!!!!!!! big hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that just gives me more of her to love!!!!!!!!! what a little sweetie!!!! 10/10 she’s trying her best and i support her

Katie Mitroff

oh my goodness??????? what a adorable scared little child????? who frightened her like this. i will kick their ass. nobody hurts this precious girl on my watch 10/10 i want to hug her and tell her everything’s alright

Hilary Florido

what a grumpy little child!!!! she is wonderful!!!! and those adorable fangs too!!!!!! what a cuddly angry baby!!!! 10/10 god bless your soul, ms. florido

Lauren Zuke

goodness. what an Attitude. such a rude and sassy little lady, i love her. a sweet and lovely little sourpuss, i would gladly give her many hugs and kisses 10/10 watch out guys, this lady has an attitude

Ian Jones-Quartey

an excited baby girl!!!!!!!!! very fun and full of love!!!!!!!!!!!! and those little fangs of hers!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 a wonderful peridot

Kat Morris

a very dramatic girl!!!!!!!! she loves to express herself!!!!!!!!! and i love her for that!!!!!!!!!! she is amazing!!!!!!! 10/10 she has enough talent to star in a hollywood movie. i’d pay to see that movie

I know I said that aju nice was dino’s era - but is it too greedy of me to say that I think boom boom will also be his?

not only is he looking more and more handsome every day, but this album is really showing off all of his talents. from his perfectly consistent rapping and dancing, to his beautiful singing voice which we have rarely heard in the past, chan never fails to surprise me. he really is our golden maknae and a true all-rounder. I can’t wait to watch him grow even more.

Last post of the year! My Saboala Water Sprite AU.
I’ve finally gotten the 1k followers I’ve always dreamed about. :’D 
Thank y’all for an awesome 2016, friends and followers alike!
Onward into the future and more connections made with my treasured manga inspired art style!! (^__^)v 

Yuuri seeing Victor in the hot springs for the first time like:


THANK YOU guys so much for over 1000+ followers! I’m so glad that you enjoy the stuff that I post. :D

I’m going to be heading out soon for dinner, but in the meantime, I’m going to start planning out some more one-panel comics tonight! Thank you guys for all of your wonderful ideas! I’ll try to do as many as I can when I return home!

Magnus: See, Sam? I’m rly cool hEH

Sam: Magnus pls stahp

((OOC: Thank you all for 1000+ follows! You are the best, I’d never have thought so much people could like this little blog! You give me motivation sdjkfgndsjn I love you all ❤

I was thinking, for celebrate this goal (??), I could do something like a “dress up Magnus as you like (what)” livestream one day or another and- idk??

Would you like that?

Thank you again, I’m really, really thankful ❤))

Thoughts on Owari No Seraph Chapter 50

    *Spoiler warning* link to a translation http://lestkarrkingofeurope.tumblr.com/post/151228823327/owari-no-seraph-chapter-50-translated

   I’m surprised there aren’t any domestic AU’s where Urd is Mika’s father. Like he has blond hair like Mika and he’s the progenitor of Russia and Mika’s half Russian. If Krul is his mother this makes him half Russian and half Japanese using canon characters. Urd’s face also resembles an older Mika, especially his eyes. and it’s not like Krul and Urd hate each other. This should be a ship. #Kurd?? #Krd?? #Ul??? shit i dunno 

   Yuu is incapable of NOT worrying about Mika when he isn’t in the same room as him. I guess his hobby of “worrying about Mika” still holds true. I am now confident that the reason Yuu doesn’t seem to care about being in danger these past chapters is that he is convinced that so long as he and Mika are together they can over-come anything. But as soon as they separate suddenly the fear of danger creeps up on Yuu. Hence why he felt like running away and became worried for Mika. P.S Yuu is surrounded by all his friends but still needs to longingly look at Mika. Anyone who thinks that Mika’s love/fixation is one-sided can fuckin’ fight me  

   Poor Yoichi. I love him but, I honestly hope he kills Lacus. I hope this starts a character arc for him where either he feels guilt over killing someone Mika knew and that leads Yoichi to be the first of the squad to sympathies with all vampires rather than just Mika (*cough cough YUU cough*) and start to see vampires as tragic. broken ex-humans rather than monsters OR that finally getting revenge makes his darker side come out more and we get to see that even the best of us will be fucked up in some way if we make the wrong choices. Maybe Yuu will see the negative effect revenge had on Yoichi and decide that it isn’t worth it.

  I’m a little mad that Saito ‘licked off the medicine’ cause that would have been a great way to demonstrate that vampire’s have some-kind of healing saliva which would be awesome

   99% sure that Ferid’s ultimate goal is to wipe out all vampires, most likely using the Seraph Of The End, and I think Crowley’s catching onto this now. He has a clear goal now which to me makes him a boring villain. Let’s hope Saito becomes more villainous and more ambiguous

   Saito reminds me of a bat. I hope he’s a bat.