1000 beers

Family guy svtfoe crossover

Peter: Holy crap! U can just make stuff out of nothing with that wand? Can u make me 1000 beers??!
Star: no
Peter: THIS FREAKIN SUCKS. This is like the time I went to Baskin Robins and Jennifer Lawrence bought all of the ice cream so we couldn’t have any.
Flashback Peter, with no ice cream: This freakin sucks

Fill out your own fictional family by answering the questions.


Are you in school?
Yes: girl
No: boy

First Name
What is your favorite color?
Blue: water name
Green: plant name
Purple: gem stone name
Red: astronomy name
Orange: season name
Yellow: nautical name
Pink: unisex name
Black: science related name

Middle Name
How many siblings do you have?
0: one syllable, three letter name
1: name from the scrolling “names searched now” list
2: your favorite middle name
3: name starting with “a”
4: name that makes you feel calm
5: name related to winter
6+: “hippy” name

Have you been out of your country?
Yes: girl
No: boy

First Name
What is the last thing you drank?
Water: name from US Top 100
Pop: name outside Top 1000
Wine/beer: misspelled “youneek” name
Milk: name related to a family member
Juice: guilty pleasure name
Other: name ending in -er

Middle Name
What time is it?
0000-0400: name with a special character (x,z,v,q)
0401-0800: name of the last baby you met
0801-1200: name related to an animal
1201-1600: name starting with an F
1601-2000: four syllable name
2001-2359: name related to food

Do you have a significant other?
Yes: girl
No: boy
It’s complicated: twins of your choosing

First Name
Who is the last person you talked to?
Co-worker: name from a movie
Friend: name from a TV show
Parent: name from music
Sibling: name of a cartoon character
Teacher: name related to literature
Acquaintance: name of a bird

Middle Name
What exotic place would you like to visit?
Bora Bora: greek mythology name
Morocco: western/cowboy name
Madagascar: old norse name
Nepal: Irish surname
Chile: Shakespeare name
Hawaii: Biblical name
Fiji: Sci-fi/fantasty name

Are you wearing any jewelry?
Yes: girl
No: boy

First Name
What genre is the last movie you watched?
Action: calendar based name
Comedy: color name
Drama: virtue name
Sci-fi: fruit name
Romance: vintage name
Documentary: occupational name
Horror: violent name
Animation: word name

Middle Name
What is your mood?
Happy: name of kings or queens
Sad: grandma or grandpa name
Mad: name that reminds you of someone with freckles
Excited: place name
Tired: name starting with Z
Nervous: Disney name
Combination of above: name to honor your parents
None of above: one syllable name with 4 letters

Have you rode in a car today?
Yes: girl
No: boy

First Name
How many letters are in your first and last name combined?
1-5: trendy name
5-8: name starting and ending with the same letter
9-12: name related to fashion
13-16: names related to the month of July
17-20: classic name
20+: nickname name

Middle Name
What do you consider your naming style?
Classic: a name from your top ten list
Trendy: celebrity baby name
Nature-y: name to honor your best childhood friend
Vintage: name ending in O
Eclectic: name with a repeating sound
Hipster: virtue name
Nerdy: bad girl or bad girl name


1. Hudson Arthur
2. Cassia Saffron
3. Elizabeth Cheyenne
4. Paget Zara
5. Victoria Josephine


In three months:

Visited 7 counties: Italy, France, Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, & Vatican City

13 cities: Verona, Milan, Paris, Warsaw, Kraków, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Munich, Budapest, Sirmione, Venice, Florence, & Rome

Was 4 feet from the Pope in Vatican City

Survived a terrorist attack at the Louvre in Paris

Saw 23 complete strangers become close friends

Drank dozens of bottles of wine and pints of beer

Made 1000 memories and took hundreds of pictures


2軒目は念願のCOEDO Craft Beer 1000 Labo







capbuckybarness  asked:

The beer cap thing? I bet Seb practiced and practiced and was so proud when got it. Love him so much but I am not keen on watching this show. Doesn't interest me.

The reason Margo has been on a permanent vacation for the past month is because the idea of returning to her apartment and seeing the 1000 beer bottles he smashed before getting it right is too much for her 

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Peep Game

This last Vegas trip we went to Freakin Frog (across the street from Aloha Kitchen, and just a hop skip and a jump away from UNLV).

What attracted us to this bar wasn’t the glitz and glamour, fake boobies, and bottle service.. it was in fact because it has

1000 beers.

Beers from all over the world.. US, Europe, Australia, Asia,.. you name it.
And the reason why this picture is so blurry is because I took it in the cooler.

YES! You can go inside the cooler!

And as far as awesomeness is concerned, it doesn’t stop there. Impressive as the 1000 beers may sound but they also have..

600 whiskeys.

(friend Diego, not included)

Upstairs in what they call ‘The Attic,’ shelves are separated by country..and the higher you go, the higher the proof. You thought 100 proof was bad?

Try 142 proof.

And of course, an awesome bar wouldn’t be complete with awesome food. I have this belief that there’s no such thing as bad bar food. SO far.. i’ve been RIGHT. If you like spicy, try their Lucifer Burger. Not a mouthferno, but its definitely got some kick.

And a beer you need to try before you die..

Brasserie de Rocs.

A little fun fact: Beer, unlike wine, ideally you would want to ferment in the bottle. A sign of a great beer is if it’s cloudy aka it has floating particles of dead yeast. That means the last moments of its life, it fermented the beer and gave it its full flavor.

(see how cloudy it is?)

Wine on the other hand.. you wouldn’t want it to be so junky. In fact, not at all. Wine needs to ferment in the barrels, NOT in the bottle. When wine is put into bottles it experiences bottle shock. So it has to be placed on its side for about a week to recover from the bottling process.

oh and just a fair warning.. it’s $15 a bottle. (BUT WORTH IT)

So if you’re ever need an escape from the lights of Vegas, and are in dire need of a good bar, that plays live music Tuesday through Saturdays, has 1000 beers in its cooler, 600 whiskeys, roughly 200 different kinds of tequila..

and you want a place to go upstairs, kick back, and drink with your boys in the attic.. Freakin’ Frog is the spot.

Freakin Frog is located at:
4700 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Two years and 1000 beers later...

Yesterday I filtered batch #1000 to come out of Lagunitas Chicago. It wasn’t even two years ago that I helped brew batch #1, and pitched our very first yeast propagation. So much has happened in that time, including recognizing myself as transgender and taking the steps to live fully as Julia. And I’m happy to have done all those things as a member of the Lagunitas tribe - I’ve gotten nothing but support from my coworkers and I’ve gained so much from being part of the team.

And when I think about it, it was almost exactly five years ago that I signed the contract with Søgaards Bryghus that gave me my first brewing job and took me to Denmark for a year. A year before that, I was right in the middle of classes at Siebel, chomping at the bit to get into the brewing industry.

I often feel like I wasn’t even born until after I exited the litigation support industry and began actively pursuing my own path, instead of Doing What I Was Supposed To. I’m still astonished by where this road’s taken me, and I’m excited to see where it might go next. And I’m grateful to all the wonderful people who’ve been a part of it.