1000 Notes


My “What’s This?” Jack Skellington Meets Castiel post just hit 1000 notes!
AAAAAAAAHHHHHH Thank you so much!

This means a LOT to me, because my family never took my art seriously since it’s always just been a hobby, and now a coping mechanism as “art therapy”.
However, once my Mom saw the Jack and Castiel art, I guess she liked what she saw, and offered to “invest in” me by buying me a tablet to go digital. 

My family doesn’t celebrate birthdays, so I’m not used to big splurges for me, and although I’ve been minimalistic throughout my life, ever since I’ve been unable to work, I try my best to live with only the absolute basics. A tablet is the only thing I’ve really wanted in years.
But, I felt bad just taking her offer, so I just made a promise to myself that if that post hit 1000 notes, I would allow and forgive myself to have my family invest in further “art therapy”. (I usually feel bad and decline)
Even then, as the number of notes started climbing towards the late hundreds, I started to feel guilty about giving them the green light to purchase it.

At the same time, your likes, reblogs, comments, and tags are not only the only contact I have with the outside world, but also works better than any prescription to ease my pain and lift my spirits.
@humanitv gave me some very encouraging, wise words as the final push, and now that the post has reached 1000+ notes (!!!!), I might go digital sometime next month???
Since I won’t have to pencil+erase, sometimes trace onto final paper, ink, color, scan, then upload, I hope it’ll speed up a lot of my creative process?
It’s a new medium, so I have no idea how my process or speed will be.
Kind of exciting :)

Of course this doesn’t magically heal me, but if you didn’t take the time to not only “like” or “reblog”, but write nice/funny/cute things or react to my “art(?)”, I wouldn’t have even had this feeling of achievement or excitement.
So from the bottom of my heart, my humblest and deepest of thank you’s to YOU.
I love you so much. XOXO

  • British tv:we pick our actors on talent and don't care about age and societies view on attractive
  • american tv:we pick our actors on physical elements and if they are talented that is a plus