George Orwell is laughing in his fucking grave.

This is a member of Donald Trump’s fucking marketing campaign explaining casually how they [ab]used big data to influence alllll: TED CRUZ’S, THE ‘LEAVE’ BREXIT CAMPAING AND DONALD TRUMP BEING ELECTED AND IT BARELY HAS 100.000 views. We are literally being Big Brothered



So today episode 4 of PROJECT: LIBRARY hit 100.000 views, meaning every single episode of PROJECT: LIBRARY has now hit that milestone.

This show has been the biggest learning experience of my life. Creating the show caused me tremendous stress and a lot of strain on my personal and professional relationships.
I got pretty down post-Library. It sparked me to eventually make ‘Creative Crisis’ and it’s safe to say I’m back in the swing of things now.

But it’s hard to put into words exactly what we as a team, and perhaps more importantly as a group of friends, went through. But I’m passionate to try… To try and share what we’ve learned from taking on a bigger project like this. So look forward to that :)

And thank you guys <3 Thank you all for watching & supporting the show. It wouldn’t have gotten made without you. And hopefully we’ll get a chance to do more things like PROJECT: LIBRARY in the future. 

they won the sing-off

Beyoncé noticed them

daft punk got 100.000 views

they have performed on the Ellen-show

they did an European/North-American tour

they have visited Japan, Korea etc.

they presented at the AMA’s

their holiday-album went gold

now they are winning a grammy

and they haven’t changed the slightest bit

Guess what day it is? 13th of February, yes, but why is it significant?

It´s my Youtube channel´s 3 year anniversary!! :D

3 years. 46 videos. 100.000+ subscribers. 56 million+ views. 

And a MEGA amount of new, awesome, lovely, talented friends!! <3 

Like, I don’t really know how to thank everybody for everything! The wonderful comments, the constant support, the feedback and brainstorming, the everything!! I am so happy that I 3 years ago was brave enough to upload my very first video to YT and put myself out there with something I had never done before. I had no idea that I would actually find a new passion, considering that editing and digital compositing weren’t even on my list for things I would like to try within the movie production process. 

Thank you everybody once again!! I am so grateful! No one can say if I will be still be on YouTube in the next 3 years, but I know that as long as I am breathing I will be telling stories for everybody to enjoy. Hopefully you will see me on the big screens in the future! <3

PS: Yes, as I promised there will be a video of me watching my own videos, and it will be up this spring. It’s just so hard to film when I am running away from the camera all them time! XD


G  I  V  A  W  A  Y

My ’Pink on Green’ Olicity drabble collection is a couple of updates away from hitting 100.000 views (it has 88.000 now).
Which is mindblowing. And I don’t think I fully comprehend it. And I am so grateful, I love you all.
So, let’s do that thing. Where I do a fic givaway. 
You just have to leave me a note on this post (like or reblog, it doesn’t matter, because I’ll be counting only one entry per person). And when the number turns to 100.000, I’ll pick a winner.
Then, The Winner will give me a prompt. An Olicity prompt, of course. And I’ll write it (significantly longer than what I usually do) and post it in Pink on Green.
Sound good? Sound good. Let’s do this!