Ok but guys remember when Eliza also said that she didn’t know how Clarke would ever be able to forgive L/xa and she thought that would pose a real probllem for their romantic relationship and she was unsure if that would ever happen in the summer between Season 2 and Season 3?

And then Cl/xa became canon?

So….if all things correlate then that means “that Bellarke shit” is about to be canon as fuck. LMAO.

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why are you so bitter just cuz lexa died? I get that she was good representation for lgbtq but I always found her problematic. I mean she was a white girl in tan face makeup who replaced a woc. Sorry but I never liked her

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can you explain tjlc to me??? im a very lowkey sherlock fan although i ship johnlock 100%. or maybe at least link me to an explanation?

asdfghjkl; oh my gosh of COURSE. seriously, i always wanna talk about this!! essentially, tjlc, or the johnlock conspiracy, is the idea that john and sherlock will be in an explicitly canon gay relationship by the time the show ends. typically, this breaks down to gay sherlock and bisexual john, as well as love confessions between the two of them and also kissing, as well as likely confirmation that the two of them have had sex, due to how much sexual imagery is already in the show. now, there’s a lot of evidence for tjlc both in universe and out of universe. in universe, you can look at it as: if john and sherlock were one man and one woman, what would you think of their relationship?? you’d assume that romance was the endgame, right?? they’re the same as pretty much any slow burn heterosexual romance - except for the fact that they are two men. for further information you can look into such things as the food = sex metaphor and the phone = heart metaphor, as well as all the mirroring - the majority of minor characters are set up as mirrors for either sherlock or john, and a lot of couples or romantic interests for one of them are used as mirrors, too. quick examples, but by no means an exhaustive list: molly as a clear mirror for john, shown explicitly in the empty hearse 3x01 when sherlock accidentally calls her ‘john’, and molly is shown to have a canon romantic interest in sherlock. also, the two gay innkeepers in the hounds of baskerville 2x02 who mistake john and sherlock for a couple. in a scandal in belgravia 2x01 john dates a tall dark haired woman who wears a very similar coat and scarf to sherlock. when talking bisexual john in general, the sign of three 3x02 heavily implies that john and major sholto used to date (again, he is parallelled with sherlock in many ways.) etc, etc. plus, they are consistently shown as being the most important person in each other’s life, and they will forever choose each other over any canon romantic interest. but, i hear you say, you can’t treat them like a straight couple, because they’re not. and television has a history of queerbaiting!! well, i respond politely with an arm around your shoulders and a conspiratorial whisper in your ear, this is where the out of universe evidence comes in. the greatest discovery of tjlc was the bbc lgb research commission - essentially, shortly before sherlock was picked up by the bbc, the network carried out a study where they asked lgb viewers what exactly they wanted to see when it came to tv representation. results said they wanted slow burn romance, where it wasn’t initially revealed that the characters were gay - there was more to them than their sexuality. unsurprisingly, viewers also wanted happy endings. anyway, sherlock was signed off on shortly after the results were analyzed, and it reflects a lot of what was asked for in the study. even better - the bbc did followups to the study shortly before both season 2 and season 3. it’s obviously not 100% but it’s very plausible that sherlock is the show they are using to try out the things requested in the study, see if they really do work. even better - sherlock is co written by steven moffat and mark gatiss, and i’ll tackle them in turn. gatiss is the more obvious one, because he’s an openly gay man himself with a strong interest in queer rights and representation. he’s actually written books, which i’ve read, about a spy called lucifer box. lucifer box is at first the typical kind of 'womanizer’ character who sleeps with a lot of women but halfway through the first book, it’s revealed that he’s bisexual, in a beautiful plot twist that wasn’t mentioned at all in the first half of the book. sound familiar? gatiss is a strong badass individual who would never ever compromise his views or settle for writing a show that queerbaits. moffat, though. he’s been accused of a lot of things in the past, including queerbaiting. and while i don’t think he’s perfect, i also don’t think the accusation is valid in this case at least. when writing doctor who, steven moffat created an au of sherlock holmes and john watson (madam vastra and jenny flint) who are canonically gay and married, showing he’s got nothing against writing gay characters, including gay sherlock and john. then there’s the fact that after sherlock series two, accusations of queerbaiting were everywhere, a lot of people criticized the show for it. if it truly was queerbaiting, it would have made logical sense for mofftiss to tone it down and go the same kind of no homo route that the robert downey jr movies had. however, the gay in season 3 was fifty times stronger than in seasons 1 and 2, and why would they take that risk if they weren’t planning on following through?? of course, mofftiss don’t want people to know in advance what’s going to happen. that would spoil the surprise if they confirmed it for sure. but they have dropped hints, both accidentally and on purpose, in interviews. so have ben and martin and other key members of the show. i’ll never forget one story i heard from the sherlocked con in london last year, where two people (i cannot remember their urls i am so sorry) met irl for the first time. steven moffat asked them how they knew each other, and they said that they’d met online through the sherlock fandom. they then said that it was their first time meeting in person but that they planned to meet up again when johnlock became canon, and while he didn’t outright tell them that they were right, his reaction apparently implied it. 

a quote from mark gatiss in an interview with gay times magazine:  That’s the way - softly, softly.That’s how the revolution happens as it were, you just become aware that people are incidentally gay. I think when the day comes that you have a big detective show where the first half hour was this man at work and he’s a maverick and all the usual things and then we went home and his boyfriend says, ‘Are you alright?’ it was just a thing, then something genuinely changed. I think the problem still is it becomes the issue. I think the thing with gay characters is that it has to be an issue as opposed to being part of everyday life, which of course as we all know is what it is.

because of this quote, ‘softly, softly’ became kind of the motto for tjlc. i have a bunch of stickers on my laptop and one of them just says 'softly, softly’ in pretty font and i actually get a lot of questions about it!! but, the other day, at san diego comic con, steven moffat talked about series four of sherlock - and now we have a whole new range of amazing quotes to use!! my favorites are ‘you have a gay character and it’s not even mentioned’ (implying gay sherlock)  ‘to hell with deferred pleasure’ and that 4x03 is ‘insane wish fulfillment’ and that he and gatiss ‘lost their minds’ while writing it, suggesting that the johnlock love confession and kiss will happen in the final episode of season four, and ‘slowly, gently’ - which is kind of the new ‘softly, softly’, because he couldn’t say that without being too obvious. not that he wasn’t already!!

in conclusion, i genuinely believe that johnlock will be canon and have ever since season three aired, all the evidence i have seen points me in this direction and i have never seen a convincing argument against it. while it is by no means the whole fandom that believes in this, there is a significant subsection of the fandom supporting tjlc - personally, i track the tjlc tag, and you can go in there to find more blogs and information and incredible meta. in general tjlc people are supportive and lovely and always happy to explain their theories!!

im probably missing a bunch of evidence here, because there is so, so much out there, and these are just some of my favorite pieces. @sherlockwatson how did i do??

Shipping After Ski Lodge

As someone who ships most pairings, I’m really happy with Ski Lodge. I felt like the plot was really well thought out and everything (in my head) makes sense.

However, while all Rucas/ Joshaya/ Smarkle shippers celebrate their fave couple, I just want to remind everyone that it is still 100% OK to ship whatever the hell you want. So long as there are no ’ Lucaya is dead parties ’ or ’ Rucas is fake ’ parties (haven’t seen the latter but it was just an example). You can still ship whoever you wish so long as you do it respectfully and nicely!!

Have a great day- remember to still watch Ski Lodge 2 when it comes out live & don’t be mean to anyone- including the writers or actors- about the storyline !!

MTV SOTY Giveaway: Lexa’s Dagger!

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be honest how often do u think widow doms the hell out of tracer

every. damn. day.

at first its like every time they meet at the battlefield or on a mission, widow doms the hell out of tracer…

then when they’re living together and no longer enemies/fuck buddies, its like once a week when amelie’s nerves are in fringes and she needs to feel in control or when lena is particularly mouth-y and needs to be put in her place.