anonymous asked:

Saw the EW photos and was totally - yes! new photos - but wondered why they had Danai in that godawful hair situation? But upon closer inspection, obvi the context of the shoot being they are in character/tattered tuxes of the apocalypse, totes get it. But, really would love a glammy-glam (no wigs!) Vanity Fair/Harper's Bazaar/ W magazine editorial. EW is capable of doing this too, but they went for (IMO) glammy-campy. This entire cast is so gorgeous, love them all. Just want more, ya know?

Yeah, I figured that’s what we were getting when Norman posted the picture on Instagram and Andy was wearing his bandage. They’re in character. Which is fine – these shoots are usually on set, so to have them put on some nice clothes, at least, was a cool change. But yes, I’d absolutely love a legit photo spread like Andy’s in The Rake or Danai’s in Atlanta magazine last year. Where they get to put on lots of fancy designer clothes and be glamorous and gorgeous. It may not be the most prestigious show on TV, but plenty of people are still watching it. Their marketing department can do better.