16 Albums We Can’t Wait To Here In 2016

Now that we finally have ANTI, we can worry about these upcoming releases.

Ariana Grande - Moonlight

Ari’s new album is expected around spring time. She has me begging for more music after listening to snippets from confirmed album track “Be Alright”. It is rumoured that early tracks like “Pink Champagne” and “Voodoo Love” might be re-recorded for the album. Almost three months ago, she released lead single “Focus” but I hope Ariana pulls a Rihanna and leaves “Focus” out of the album tracklist.

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Azealia Banks - Business and Pleasure

Say what you want about Azealia’s problematic habits but you cannot deny that she is killing the game. From my perspective, she is the best female rapper out there right now. For those of you who want to argue, do any of the other girls rap in spanish? That’s what I thought. “Business and Pleasure” is scheduled to be released sometime around this spring. Confirmed tracks are “Count Contessa” and “Slay-Z”.

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Britney Spears - TBA

Brit Brit needs to take a break from her Piece Of Me Vegas show and focus on giving us a quality album. Her last album, the underwhelming “Britney Jean”, which she described as her “most personal album yet” was a commercial and critical flop. She spoke so highly of it before releasing it, that I was extremely excited for it. Hopefully, she not only talks the talk but also walks the walk this time around.

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Christina Aguilera - TBA

It’s been over 3 years since The Voice judge has released an album. She’s probably been working extremely hard after having two back to back albums that commercially failed. While visiting The Today Show she revealed that she’s actually working on two albums, an English one and a Spanish one. Her last album “Lotus” was one of my favorite albums by her and I personally love to play the power pop anthems “Let There Be Love”, “Your Body”, and “Army Of Me” at the gym. 

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Drake - Views From The 6

Drake released two mixtapes in 2015, but they both had sporadic single releases and weren’t treated as real eras. Personally, I would love “Views From The 6″ to be similar to sophomore album and my favorite “Take Care”. Plus, “What A Time To Be Alive” was probably his worst album yet.

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Fergie - TBA

Who remembers when Fergie slayed the game with her debut album “The Dutchess”. That album had a string of hits that were so catchy, you just couldn’t get enough. “The Dutchess” was a huge success worldwide but sadly, she still hasn’t released her second studio album. The time is finally here, the album is slated for this spring. We’ve been waiting for a decade Ferg (literally).

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Gwen Stefani - TBA

Gwen’s highly anticipated comeback has been delayed numerous times, but it’s for real this time. Her third album is set to be released this year. A few months ago she released the lead single “Used To Love You” off of the upcoming album. Without hesitance I could say that “Used To Love You” was one of the best pop singles released in 2015. This was a huge step-up from non album single, “Spark The Fire”. Hopefully, we can get a L.A.M.B 2.0.

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Iggy Azalea - Digital Distortion

Iggy Azalea has been showing up all around my music library this year. She featured on Demi Lovato’s “Kingdom Come” and shared the spotlight with Britney Spears on “Pretty Girls”. Iggy recently released “Azillion” a buzz track from “Digital Distortion”, which I actually liked. The album is expected to be released this spring.

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Katy Perry - TBA

Are we ready for the perfect storm when this album drops? Her poor choice of singles resulted in the “Prism” era being very messy. That’s probably the reason why it’s been forever since Katy has released anything, she’s carefully thinking about the new era and planning it to perfection. Will she be able to get her 10th number 1?

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Kanye West - Waves

I honestly don’t know what to call this album anymore, first it was “So Help Me God”, but then Kanye backtracked because he spoke too soon and re-named it “SWISH” and then he decided to re-name it a few weeks before release to “Waves”. Kanye himself called this album the best album of our life time. But is it really? Not when it has songs like “No More Parties In LA”. On the other hand “Wolves” with Sia is excellent. Watch out for the album coming out February 11th, but it might not be under the name “Waves”. 

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Lady Gaga - TBA

Let’s face it! No one cared for “ARTPOP”, no one cared for “Cheek to Cheek”. Gaga’s been planning her long-awaited comeback carefully, she’s been working with Elton John. Sir Elton compared the new album tracks to the old singles like “Bad Romance”. Gaga has a lot to prove this time around.

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M.I.A - Mahtahdah

It’s been two years since “Matangi” was released. Ever since her debut, M.I.A had one hit single “Paper Planes”, and a successful feature on Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin”. The critically acclaimed female rapper has been working hard on “Mahtahdah”, so far we’ve heard “Swords” and “Borders” none of which have charted in the US or UK. M.I.A is another artist that proves that charts do not equal talent, sadly. Hopefully, she’ll get recognition this time around.

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Tinashe - Joyride

This girl needs more recognition, critics love her but barely anyone is buying her records. Aquarius was the best R&B album of 2014. So far, the album seems to be a strong follow-up with songs like “Party Favors” and the oh so catchy “Player”. The album has been pushed back to an unknown date, unfortunately. Hopefully, Tinashe can prove herself more than a one-hit wonder with this album and gets another hit as successful as “2 On”.

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I “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg” but I really need this album. I still listen to “What About Your Friends”, “Waterfalls”, “Unpretty”, “Creep”, and “No Scrubs” all the time. Good news is, the album will feature a re-recorded version of one of their hit songs. There isn’t much girl groups like TLC or Destiny’s Child on the scene right now. There aren’t any great girl groups at all with the exception of Little Mix. This long-awaited comeback was confirmed when T-Boz and Chilli started a Kickstarter campaign in order for fans to fund their album. Unfortunately, it’s gonna be TC without the L on the comeback.

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Usher - Flawed

When was the last time we heard a huge hit from Usher? The #4 peaking “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” in 2010. It’s been 5 years since Usher last got a top 5 hit in the US. Preceding the album is the double platinum single “I Don’t Mind” featuring Juicy J. Other album tracks are “She Came to Give It to You” with Nicki Minaj and “Good Kisser”. “Flawed” has no release date yet, but will be a chance for Usher to get another #1 hit song. 

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Zayn Malik - Mind Of Mine

Going InZayn for Zayn’s new album. After leaving One Direction, he dropped his last name and signed a contract with RCA as a solo act. He dropped his excellent single “PILLOWTALK”, which might be on it’s way to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Mind Of Mine is scheduled to be released on March 25th.

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Which albums are you most excited about?