Archaeologists uncover earliest farming activity recorded in Scotland so far

An archaeological dig next to the Perthshire village of Dunning has revealed traces of human activity dating back 10,000 years. This included evidence of what experts believe is the earliest farming activity recorded in Scotland, and also remains of hunter-gathering activity dating back thousands of years before farming began.

The discoveries were made by archaeologists from the University of Glasgow, as part of the ten year, Strathearn Environs and Royal Forteviot (SERF) project. This year the project received an archaeology grant of £100,000 from Historic Environment Scotland to carry out geophysical survey, excavation, archival research and reporting.

As part of the excavation of a large series of pits, the archaeologists discovered faint plough marks dating back to 3800 – 3700 BC, likely made by a hand-held scratch plough known as an ard, which does not turn over the soil. Early Neolithic pottery (from almost 6000 years ago) was also found, with hundreds of potsherds recovered close to the plough marks. Read more.

honestly i dont think ive played pkm go as it was intended like, at all

i do 80% of playing from the car, 15% from sitting in my house, and 5% when im indoors somewhere like the grocery store or the mall. i havent taken a single walk since i downloaded it. i only do drive-by pokestops. the steps i get on my eggs are when my mom’s driving below 10 mph. i cant be trusted with games that encourage you to walk bc i will find a way to cheese them

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  • Who believes in love at first sight?: We all know this is pretty easy. Riley 100%. Granted that isn’t how their relationship started Riley has argued with Farkle many times because she claims it’s real. Her example. Her and Maya.
  • Who started liking the other first?: Farkle of course. And not taking into acount the whole “I’ve been in love with Riley since the first grade’ Thing. Real feelings, that were actually aknowledged. Farkle and he was so confused because he swore to himself that it would be the same always. So liking Riley more than Maya was a crazy moment for him. 
  • Who is more likely to suggest a romantic, candle-lit dinner?: Farkle the Romantic. I 100% beliveve Farkle is the type to do this. I mean we saw how great the date was at a SUBWAY STATION. So when they’re actually dating he pulls out all the romantic stops including candle-lit dinners on the beach. Yeah Riley may have the best boyfriend ever.
  • Who’s behind the wheel more often during road trips?: Farkle. Riley isn’t a huge fan of driving. She does however love to sing her heart out, text and cuddle up to her boyfriend so driving for a few hours doesn’t turn out as bad as he thought.
  • Who sets up the tent and who gathers firewood during a camping trip?:The first time Farkle ever suggest camping Riley laughs in his face because they’re city people. All they know is the city so this whole group Camping Trip was a no-no for them but hey Friends help Friends right? No. Zay, Maya, Lucas and Smackle laugh their asses off at their attempts to set up a tent and get firewood. Not everyone can have a Texas Boy as a Boyfriend.
  • Who hooks bait during a fishing trip? who catches more fish?: Riley straightup refuses to touch the worm mostly because she is against tossing it too it’s death…also because it’s gross. So Farkle puts it on the hook for her and sinces he’s done this with his Father he expects to impress her with his skills but she catches more Fish than everyone else combined and she does this cute little happy dance then tosses it back to freedom.
  • Who insists on learning how to ballroom dance?: Riley. Granted they have two left feet, after watching Dancing With The Stars Riley has been begging him to take her to some ballroom classes and since he’s whipped af he obliges.
  • Who goes all out on the other’s birthday?: Farkle. Normally he doesn’t get to spend money on her because she HATES it so Birthdays are the only days he can really go all out without her getting mad. So huge Party, 3+ Gifts, Private Room for Friends, A Limo…And this is just for One Birthday
  • Who sings louder while cooking? while showering?: Okay so they both sing in the shower for sure but Farkle does it waaay more often and Riley is super surprised because ‘OMG my boyfriend can actually sing.’ How did they not know this
  • Who teases the other for said singing?: Riley loves to tease Farkle for singing showtunes.
  • Who insists on checking their zodiac sign compatibility every so often?: Riley does it practically everyday. He doesn’t have the heart to tell her it’s impossible to predict based on when you were born but seeing her so excited mixed with the fact that their signs are 100% campatble keeps him from saying anything.
  • Who drags the other to fortune tellers at fairs?: Riley doesn’t drag him but she does drag Maya because she wants to know if she and Farkle are meant to be or if she is just going to get a broken heart again. 
  • Who would carry who over the doorstep of a new home?: Farkle. The minute they make the deal the two just stand outside the door they can’t believe that they actually have their own place. Alone. 

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Secrets Everywhere || Kat & Open

Kat walked down the girl’s rooming hall, glancing at the numbers on the doors. In her head, she named off the people who used to live in them before the new wave of patients took over. 103; Maria Lazeur and Jackie Nichols… 102; Patty Helms and Kelsey Peregrine… 101; Megan LeDuc and Sage Grant…100; Destiny Craws… 

Kat stopped in front of her door, remembering her roommate. Destiny was a sweet little thing who was admitted to the asylum for panic attacks and anxiety, along with having telekinesis. The two would sit up talking into the late hours of the night, Destiny even talking to Kat’s alters. Every one of them loved her and that’s what made her loss so hard.

People would go missing in the asylum, and Destiny was the first one to notice. When she tried asking about the people that went missing to the guards and staff members, they pretended that the person didn’t even exist and was never in the asylum. Eventually, she only started telling Kat about the missing people, knowing that she would listen. Kat eventually opened her eyes and saw the same thing Destiny did, but she kept her mouth shut about it.

One night, Destiny snuck out of their room to go find the files of the people who went missing. She broke into the headmaster’s office and sifted through the files. Eventually, she came upon a box tucked way in a closet, behind a bunch of jackets and mothballs. Inside held the files of the people that went missing. Not only were there patients, but staff, too. Each had a stamp that said “Evicted” and the box said “to be burned.” 

Box in hand, Destiny scurried back to her room, hiding the box under the bed. For three days, Destiny was extra jumpy, frightened of any sound she heard. Kat tried to calm her down. but found the girl’s bed empty one morning, all of her stuff missing. The only thing Kat found was a note from her best friend, hidden in Kat’s dresser. Kat hid it in her journal and kept her journal with her always.

A familiar pain tugged at her heart as she remembered her lost roommate and all the nights she spent weeping over her, not able to tell anyone. A tear slid down the girl’s face and she quickly wiped it away at the sound of footsteps coming down the hall.

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Hey girl, I'm always grateful that u help us with the events but now I got a trouble with the last challenge, I used ALL the same clothes like u and the game show me just 65% coincidences for till the end FAILED the challenge!! I'm angry, lose 100 energies? How this happen? Its not correct request? Or what? :'(

That is super weird since I got a 100% success rate, granted I haven’t played it again since I’m playing stages with items I haven’t gotten yet and to see what I can get from the e-achievement faster that way. I say msg voltage about that because if you are using the same items it should have given you a 100% success rate, all the items you used are from the latest gacha and the earrings from a core collection I think.