I don’t watch twd (but I do know what it is about and that they usually kill everyone) but seeing that tonight they killed a major character it got me thinking.

Tv shows and books need to STOP killing so many people. Like I understand they are trying to portray real life and whatever. I get it. But we already have too much tragedy in our daily lives (mine is filled with for example). These days I can’t even get to fully enjoy a show or a book without that anxious feeling of thinking that I will lose a favourite character. The tension is horrible…and the sadness after it happens it’s even worse.

Give me cheesy shows, funny ones, give me drama if u want, even give me relevant deaths but stop.killin.fucking.everyone If it’s a show about drama or a pretty intense one, give the characters moments of happiness. Make a couple episodes where the audience  can just relax, enjoy, and maybe even laugh. STOP for the love of god killing MAIN characters just for shock value.  Does it even exist a show with a happy ending these days?

I get home super exhausted and shows get me even more exhausted lol. 

That’s why I just loooooooved Hart of Dixie…man that show was pure puppies and rainbows. And I know that is what it was supposed to be but drama, suspense, action shows have really taking it too far.

At least in my opinion

Popular TV shows, as described in the worst way possible:
  • Supernatural:Three well-meaning individuals make poor life decisions, cause apocalyptic events more than anyone reasonably should.
  • Hannibal:A man is offered free psychiatric care. It goes about as poorly as you'd expect.
  • Steven Universe:A young boy is raised by an excessive amount of colorful lesbian space moms.
  • Orange is the New Black:You are given the world's gayest and most interesting supporting cast, but must pay for it by having to suffer the world's most annoying main character.
  • Stranger Things:Young girl just wants to peacefully enjoy eggos, is prevented from doing so by the actions of supernatural creatures and generally shitty adults.
  • The Powerpuff Girls:An entertaining, enjoyable, and beloved show, revived years after just so its creators can spit on everything you loved about it.
  • The 100:Lures you in with an interesting premise and lesbian warrior queens, only to brutally kill them while their bisexual lovers watch.
  • Game of Thrones:Life is awful but at least there's dragons.

Chances are that there are very few women — if any — directing your favorite TV shows.

In the United States, women direct just 16% of episodes. The only data I could find for the UK is a little old, but in 2011 and 2012, only 13% of drama episodes were directed by women.

The under-representation of women directors isn’t an accident. In May, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) asked several government agencies to investigate major Hollywood studios and networks for blatant gender discrimination in their hiring practices. And now the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the American agency responsible for investigating employment discrimination, is reaching out to women directors to ask them to discuss the discrimination they’ve faced.

Their investigation is going to take time. But there are things we can do right now to hold our favorite television shows accountable. 

Fandoms now have incredible access to and dialogues with the cast, crew, and creators of our favorite shows. We need to start demanding that more women be hired to direct the shows we love.

This problem isn’t limited to just one fandom, franchise, or network. If you don’t see one of your favorite TV shows listed above, look up how many women have been hired to direct for that show — then reblog this post and let us know.