🔹 Bellamy Blake talking about what happened to him in Mount Weather for the first time.

🔹 Bellamy Blake making Clarke smile because he knows she’s scared.

🔹 Bellamy Blake giving Clarke the chip so Abby doesn’t feel completely responsible if something were to happen to her.

🔹 Bellamy Blake owning his mistakes

🔹 Bellamy Blake leading the delinquents and protecting Clarke and caring for Octavia and trying to keep her from making the same mistakes he did.

In conclusion:



One Year of The 100, Day Two - Favourite Male Character: Bellamy Blake

Those are my people out there


His father steals medicine that turns out wouldn’t help anyway.
Gets floated for it and his mother, she starts drinking pretty heavily after that and last words she says to him before he finds her in a pool of her own vomit is that is that he killed his father.


imma make a deal with the bad wolf so the bad wolf don’t bite no more

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