The 100 Fav Characters + Thoughts
  1. BELLAMY: went from being an overprotective asshole to a loving, caring parent (and soon to be husband)… making me cry with his love for his delinquent children. I’ve literally written academic papers on his character I s2g I could go on and on but just fucking give him more screentime/plot involvement!!!!
  2. Murphy: went from the WORST person alive to loveable character who falls in love and apologizes to people… I just am amazed at how much I love him when I hated him soooo much in season 1
  3. Raven: always liked her but recently she’s become a LEADER (making decisions) and always saves their lives bc of her brain… pls don’t let her die :((( - although I agree with the theory that the flame could save her (fingers crossed)
  4. Monty x Jasper - the dynamic duo who were nerdy bffs and are now like brothers, I just love them together. btw totally feeling a Stiles x Scott moment coming up where Monty will convince Jasper to go to the bunker like Stiles convinced Scott to put down the flare in Motel California
  5. Clarke: I mean she’s the main character and I’ll always love her but like give the L.xa shit a rest and continue showing the character we know and love who makes her OWN decisions rather than following a legacy that isn’t even that great tbfh (never understood the whole obsession with L.xa and never will)
  6. Octavia: wow she has her issues but I would too if I grew up under the floor and went to jail for it… I actually think it makes sense that she’s all “death mode” rn bc she didn’t grow up with “normal” social skills and the first interactions outside her family were in a setting of war. I’m totally cool with her being a badass warrior… as long as she fucking apologizes for being a bitch to Bellamy and tells him she loves him damnit

I just got a lot of feelings from this episode and just want to see where the story continues to go - aka Bellarke. But regardless I’m over the grounder politics at this point like let’s just grab Luna, Roan, Indra, Gaia, and Illian, I guess *cough*notEcho*cough* and get in the damn bunker.

lesbianchell  asked:

Do OCs count as a fandom

they do now………..

  • Favorite Male Character: tobys m fav 100%
  • Favorite Female Character: definitely sonia,,,my mother ? /
  • Least Favorite Character: can i say toby again……..peace of shit
  • Favorite Ship: toby/ryan nd aaron/declan :3c
  • Favorite Friendship: STEVEN ND JASPER
  • Favorite Quote: spang
  • Worst Character Death (if any): <:) i dnt wanna spoil it for u (this is my onion anyways)
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: when i imagine it, every1 reuniting at sanctuary
  • Saddest Moment: anything w/ declan nd aaron in the apoc au makes me wanna kermit
  • Favorite Location: james’ centre…….built it on ts4, gotta show You